Who makes you feel the most alone, completely alone as an addict?

Other people or yourself?

You might piss off a lot of people.  You could really hurt them.  Being an addict has unbelievable power to destroy every relationship with every person you know.

But the one that makes you feel alone, completely alone is you.

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  1. I’m not an addict. I can finish a 4L box of wine in four days. I take excessive amount of painkillers. My family has the addictive personality gene. But I do not have an addiction. I am going to hospital in the next few weeks. But I don’t have an addiction. I’m fine.


  2. Being alone can be addictive as well- I absolutely love it. Well, I do have a dog (must be an interesting sight when an Owl walks his dog). But ‘alone’ is just one thing PA.. are you ‘lonely’ too.? I’m not sure how ‘lonely’ feels because somehow, I have you. We’ve got miles and miles wired into the world and it’s connecting us- whenever we want, where we want. I know its not the same. Honestly, just trying to cheer you up a bit.. December is hard enough as it is ;)


  3. Hi destroythequeen. Welcome to my blog as I’m not sure if you’ve made a comment here before. Or, just simply welcome if you’ve been reading it.

    I also hope you’ll come back and read this. Your comment came in on the exact day I tried to go to hospital. Then I was gone and all the shit came down.

    First, I’ll jump on the “Label Wagon.” I hate labels. Or at least I can have an extreme dislike for them at times. Although, on the whole we need them to make sense of our world.

    In their most basic form, we need to classify the environment around us, and what perceive. Think “Taxonomy?” We can’t call a fish a snake (or whatever.) But forget that in terms of the personal.

    We can call ourselves whatever we want in terms of who WE are, and how WE perceive ourselves. Fine. From now on I’m a a Lemur.

    Seriously, though, I take no issue with people calling themselves something (or not!) If you say you are not an addict, that’s alright from where I stand. Why?

    One: It is of your own choosing. Two: It is none of my business.

    Good luck with hospital and I hope things work out well.

    Take care,
    PA (The Lemur)

    Hi n8w8inzicht.

    Oh, my. Oh, my, Oh, my, Oh, my. *elephant length pregnant pause*

    You say such things to me, you sometimes render me speechless. Not in a Non-Verbal way though. *winks* I’m just fine with going N-V. Nonetheless, you’re beautiful. Just as you are, and in how you treat me.

    Addicted to being alone? That’s interesting. I just feel I’m a hermit. That’s it. I wouldn’t mind that changing.

    An Owl walking a dog. *giggles*

    I used to say I was alone, but not lonely. However, that was when I was still swinging from the rafters with my untreated Bipolar. I certainly entertained myself a lot when I was “alone.”

    Now? Yes, I feel very alone. And now I am going to start crying from what you said after you asked me that. I’m sorry but I really can’t believe you wrote that. I just can’t.

    You have done WAY more than cheer me up. You have so poetically and lovingly said that because of little me, you’re not so sure what being lonely feels like? Because you “have me?”

    Oh, Owlie. I love you. Lots of Lemur hugs and kisses.


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