Follow up to post, written just prior to this. I don’t wish to insult anyone’s intelligence but my own.

Those two months ago? I couldn’t find him? He never called? One of his biggest problems was that he was so insecure about not having a girlfriend. That was a significant part of talk the night I met him.

He kept asking what was he doing wrong.  I was thinking absolutely nothing except 20 year olds don’t have much time for English translation and thick accents. I actually was doing a lot of translation for this sweet, little import.

I wanted to propose giving us a chance but I didn’t get one.

At least I gave him a lot more confidence in bed. Seriously. Alcohol Consumption vs. Virginity?

Not that there’s anything wrong with either in the bedroom!

If I ever meet her, I might ask if she’s ever done “this” position with him. Then I’ll know what a good job I did.

I invented the position for me for the first time ever in my life. You need to be a bit of a gymnast.

I hate love. I love love. But I will never be in a relationship, because of things like this happening, and so much more.

Love only screws you anyway, right? Otherwise, we’d all be in these picture perfect relationships (romantic for sure, but friends too?)

Unless for some crazy reason a person wouldn’t want it. This thing, so amazing, magnificent and beautiful.


It’s there everywhere they look, in the people they see.  Their entire environment. But they know it can’t really be seen.

Love can only be seen in a mirror. It’s simply a cheap sideshow. An old one-liner that’s been used for 10 years or so, and it won’t ever change.

It’s schmatte with so many holes in it, you don’t even know why you keep it. Songs and music that surely (well intended) try and artistically interpret the mirror.

No. The music sucks because the bands have started swallowing the mirror. They can no longer sing, nor play their instruments.

Ironically, with so much mirror in, on, whatever about them, you’d think they’d actually now play better! But this only goes to prove my point.

Wake Up, Shake Up. Use a mirror or not. Trust me.

Also, if one person gives me any yin yang business, BE GONE! If anyone else has a problem, find some mahjong tiles and throw them at me?

It wouldn’t be the first time someone didn’t exactly love one of my posts.

Back to bed. More loss of love is happening. Due to every mental inch of me. This falls under my hate of love part.

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