The Magic of Meds (aka Insomnia is a Foreign Word)

My mobile has totally been fucked up.  Not nearly as me though!

I wrote a post to try and test my WP app here as I think I finally fixed things after messing around with it for so long. 

I said some other shit about other fucking shit but my night meds are now hitting me like a cinder block truck.  And I’ve taken them.  Because I hit the wrong button and wrote my post as a Page. *laughing*

Too bad.  It was kinda good.  Good in a point I’m not dissecting every single thing about my med change right now.  Tossing loads of verbose minutiae all over you.

However, nothing to say at the moment.   There you go.  I have my period and some stupid virus.  So I don’t piss from chicken soup.

I’m so gone I can’t even see words now.   So back to the damn test for crissake! Then I can quickly decide what sleep position I want for the night.


Posted via WordPress for Android. Let’s see if it actually works.


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