Random Fun, Everyone!

Does that mean I have to go first? ‘Geez, doesn’t this suck? We all have 1,000,000,000,000 “Favourite Songs.”

Okay. *pops over to iTunes*  Oooh! I have to remember the “why” part.  Yes.  Which reminds me, MP3 Of The Moment is still “DEAD.” I can’t play my song.

However, it may be only temporarily DEAD.  baby MacBook is dying on its own.  Resurrection of MP3 Of The Moment then??? All fixed with baby MacBook v.3.0?

Mine? “Find The River” by R.E.M

I have played this song so many times, I’m surprised the CD it’s on (“Automatic For the People”) still works!

Me.  Depressed.  I’m never going to get where the hell I need to go.  Also, any song that has the word “Vetiver” in it? C’mon!

  1. I love music but when it is time for me to pick a song it really is overwhelming to rack my brain to pick one. Every time I hear a song I haven’t heard in a longtime I get that feeling hearing it for the first time almost.


  2. Debra Ellis

    Lullaby by Nickel back because my cousin sang it to me when she found out I was suicidal. Or maybe Just another birthday by casting crowns because it is like the anthem of my life.


  3. Hi Thomas L.. Nice to meet you and welcome. I don’t remember you visiting me before.

    I know! We all know THOUSANDS, MILLIONS, TRILLIONS… of songs but sure…ask for one? We automatically forget every single one we know! *laughing*

    I also agree with you about “losing” a song or album, just through time. You find it again and it sounds so different! You might find it disgusting, or you might love it more than before. It is truly bizarre!

    All the best and nice to meet you again,

    Hey Debra Ellis. There’s my girl. How are you?

    I love what you wrote. I have no more words beyond that.


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