While I was not giving a fuck about my blog (or maybe giving a fuck about it too) who the hell came up with the expression: “A Fool’s Paradise.”

Now, I can be a pretty big fool a lot of the time.  I’ll admit that. However, I’ve never spent any time, in any type of “PaRaDiSe” while being as fooly as possible.

Yeah, yeah.  I get it.  That whole “Ignorance is Bliss” sort of thing, right?


…ingorance…foolishness…my chambers…*sighs*

Being ignorant does not mean you’re a fool.  Ditto, vice-versary, Happy Anniversary!

My title? My problem? I was both.  I’m STILL both!

By not giving a fuck about my blog (ignorance) and giving a fuck and worrying and not checking things, paying attention (foolish) I’m drowning in a tsunami of an Inbox.  A monumental tsunami. That monumental tsunami being more monumental than it always is.

Moreover, my mobile has syncing problems. *shrieks in frustration entire building hears*  Due to that, I can miss a lot of things.  They can come in later–or they bloody damn well should! Things can get even more sneaky! If I’m on baby MacBook with one specific email account, I won’t get notifications for it on my mobile.  Well, I might? I’m not sure.

Samsung? All of your employees can shove every product you have ever made and shove them up your shit covered asses ALL AT ONCE!!!!!!!

My Inbox.  Oh, my god.  Granted, I do find cleaning/clearing out my Inbox a near orgasmic experience, it looks like I’m going to have some multiple orgasms here!

Not that multiple orgasms are bad! Hardly! *smiles and begins to polish Halo*

Just not with my Inbox.

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