What Was Up On June 12, 2014?

Really.  This blog is barely alive and a huge spike in traffic on that day.  Well, thank you everybody who’s still on this ship with half a mast (at best.)

I hope to be back on Twitter soon.  It’s messed up my accounts. Maybe because I haven’t used them in so long. o.O

So I’m working that out too.  Maybe we’re at 3/4 mast right now. Not drowning yet though.


I see her comin’! 

One of her biggest! The biggest she’s got to show then?


She’s still a lady, lads.   But we’ve got to show her nonetheless. It’s we, the ones! It’s we must live, not perish, not die.

Even still, she’s a lady, m’boys.  We’ll treat her well.

Or something like that.  I think I read it somewhere.  In a Fairytail? Where every story has a good ending?


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