Over the Edge As Always

What the fuck is it with me and relationships?


Maybe Chernobyl. *nods*

Like I’ve had a decent one in real life in how many years? Uh.  Never mind.  But hey! We’re in “the digitital age!”

Why the fuck did I recently hop on an online Dating Site? I have no answer to that.  Except stupidity.  Maybe lonely, stupidity? Probably, Amnesiac Chernobyl Lonely Confused Hermit Stupidity.


Met LDR.  Won’t get into details but sure, looking good.  And I knew the hazards of LDRs. 

Wonderful woman.  It didn’t work out but that’s okay.

I crash and burn with EVERY relationship I’ve ever had.  And after it being so long since my last?

‘Nuff said.


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