Let’s write a post.  Maybe an important one too.  Then I’ll try to get to Twitter.  Maybe.  I’ve done a lot today.  How about an email response to my mother.

‘Nuff said?

For someone going through Detox and Withdrawal (again) I know I can’t push myself.  I might slip.  I can’t even believe I’m sitting in my regular pub, drinking a can of pop.  I had to run to the bartender before he started pouring me my drink and putting it on my table as soon as I walked in the door.

Yes, this is kind of like the TV show “Cheers” but definitely an updated version.  For at least two reasons: we all dress better (well most of us…) but we all have MUCH better hair! We ALL have seriously, better hair!

What did I buy? A “Cplus orange BURST!” o.O

I thought it would be rather amusing.  I couldn’t recall drinking one since I was 10-years-old at the most.  It also wasn’t called that back then. Still tastes the same though!

Not drinking sucks.  Well, if you’re an addict, alcoholic, whatever. Especially when I’ve only been sober for THREE FUCKING DAYS AND I CAN MAKE IT OUTSIDE!!! Much worse, all I hear is people ordering drinks.

“Well, PA? Why don’t you go somewhere they don’t serve alcohol?”


Except for a Public Library (with Internet) but it closes around what? 1700hrs? I mean, just stay home! Continue being a hermit! I’m trying NOT to be a hermit!

I just can’t win…  Kidding.  Total sarcasm.

I had some plans for the summer.  Things to get involved in.  I did! Get my Loser Arse out of the house.  I called and they all take Summer Breaks.  I’m going to have a “Broken Summer.”  Just when I tried?

That’s okay.  I’m literally going to have a “Broken Summer.” I FINALLY found a place for Physiotherapy that is covered by the Stoopid Guvmunt©.  This is a very good thing.

I have been trying to find a decent place for ages! Moreover, the timing is Super-Duper-Absolooper-ImportanTOOper©!

I thought this was only an issue when I was walking too much.  My right ankle (and foot) get so sore!!! Sometimes I’ve even had to wrap it all up in a bandage, elevate, and keep it still in the evening up until bed.  It’s like a killer sprain.

Now? It’s happening every day.  It doesn’t matter how far I go.  Not good.  I’m even watching how I walk and my foot can get all bent.

I have a case of “spazzy foot.”

Nonetheless, fix spazzy foot, get my entire body strong again and maybe a dream fulfilled…? Later on that one.  If I keep blogging and find it a form of “Therapy” too.


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