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I can no longer do it on my own. Not llike before? I’m going through so much triggerery shit read now, but so what?

Well, it’s a perfect time for an addict (that would be me!) to completely get run over the bandwagon she I feel off it.
I can’t believe it, but I’m going to ask Sweetie GP to put me into a proper Rehab Facility. That is, in case I don’t change my mind in the morning.

But it’s nagging at me. This feeling that I really need help. No more wake up calls, coming too close to whatever harm or danger. I

It’s like an ache in my bones, and if quitting drinking is the only way to stop it, I have to. Otherwise, I’ll be left in perpetual madness.

And you thought drinking was perpetual madness.

The worst madness is it’s completely fucking up my life. That’s a huge sign you need help.

I’m missing appts, by sleeping in other things I should be on top of easily if I wasn’t drinking. Letting “me” disappear.

I can’t function.

I even shit my pants a couple of times not long ago. NEVER have I done THAT in my alcoholic lifetime.

So I guess I need some help this time around. Even if don’t feel so sick.

Actually, it’s been like I’ve been teleported back a bit to my 20s. Undiagnosed Bipolar and the biggest “Functional Alcoholic” ever.

Now with everything else, the triggers, Damocles, an Albatross, even an Anvil around my neck.

This will be fun. Considering I love going into hospital so much. Let’s not forget any waiting lists for proper treatment facilities either.

Okay. Done.

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?