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I have three doctor’s appointments in a row starting today.  I’m seeing my Therapist on Monday.

Someone invited me out for lunch on the weekend.  When you are going through Detox and Withdrawal, you do not want to hear ANY word relating to food (neither does your stomach either.)

I can’t remember the last time I took a shower.  I change my clothes pretty often, use deodorant but I’m basically living in pyjamas anyway. 

Although, since I wake up thoroughly drenched from sweating all night, is that A Positive or A Negative?

Does all that water all over my body, does it count as a shower? It doesn’t make me smell that weird and you can’t even smell anything on my sheets and pillows.

We do have a slight humongous issue with my hair.  I could probably do at least 10 Oil Changes at your local Garage.  Maybe 11 depending upon the vehicle types.

There’s also the issue of that little cutting I did.  It’s healing well but my immune system sucks.  I don’t want water pounding on the fresh sutures.  This is a weird half-excuse to not shower because I feel totally disgusting.

My hair isn’t long enough yet for a proper ponytail.  However, there’s enough to poke it out of the back of a baseball cap. 

If I really brush it out with one to design curls at the bottom of your hair, I can knock off a couple of cars at the Garage. 

Then, some good clean, human clothes (i.e. being seen on the street in something other than your vast collection of hospital bottoms.)  Also something long enough on top so the people in the building won’t see your cutting.  GOSSIP CENTRAL!!!

Nice smelling deodorant and some nice smelling perfume? Hey! Good to go!

Actually, folks? I could definitely shower.  I could force myself to, despite feeling so sick (if I had to.)

The thing is, it would be a long, very careful, and slow process for safety.  I should really be taking baths in my condition, which for safety’s sake, I think I will do.

But that means I have to clean the tub!!!

Not that it’s filthy or anything! However, please tell me the point of taking a bath to become clean, in and on any surface which is not clean? There isn’t one.  Go back to the Swamp.

Detox and Withdrawal makes you beyond extremely tired.  You can be mistaken for corpse at times.  I once got up in the morning, took my meds and fell back to sleep.  I woke up close to the time to take my night meds to go to sleep. 

That little fact makes me wonder if I’d have to clean my tub in several stages due to exhaustion.  Not to mention the fumes from the cleaning “stuff.”

I re-dyed my hair (black) the other day and ACK! I put on a medical procedure mask, fan in the bathroom, open the windows…

So I think I’m going to hang out in the jungle for a while.  Maybe the weekend will afford me the time and I might be feeling better.  Then again, three appointments in a row might leave me the perfect model for a corpse.

Okay, time to crawl out of the Swamp for Appointment #1.  See ya.  Hopefully.

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