You see.  Titlle.  Ive always hated talking about being si Xbox k. Oh, that was supposed to beb me being sick.

I ve always hated it.

But maybe a series of being what it’s like to be an alcolic.

Like tonight.

Bumming smoking.  When you gotta quit that too. Late you see the sunrise because it’s insomnia not foy beauty

Sitting or pacing if your energy talks tos
you Tv is almost frightens you.

Then music gets scary too.

Food,  yeah.  Need anything eat but can’t.

Something like potatates. But you left then before you went out.  Come home. Dont care . Music. Smoking. Maybe later.


Coming home.  Trying to habg on to the smokes so you know at least a couple for homb.

Wanting music and loud.  Sleeping and yire clothes because you don’t give a shit.  Even your shoesn

Staying up si ck

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?

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