If I Was the Stock Market? Burn Your Currency Just to Keep Warm

I have a calendar to mark the days I don’t drink and those I do.  I start off with a red ‘X” but later in the evening, it gets slashed over with a big black ‘X’ meaning I eventually went out.

Is Donald Trump still the most richest man on the planet? If not, I’m draining them and putting them in the black, near bankruptcy with calendar.

This is so goddamn fucking fucked! And don’t tell me that you have to WANT
to get sober if you WANT to get sober.

If tell me that? Go straight to hell and do a lot of other things too.  I DO WANT THIS!

I just don’t know how to make it happen.
Bloody Hell! I just bought a pack of smokes because I felt so guilty about bumming them at the pub.  I think people were getting pissed off too.

Excuse me? Smoking is worse than drinking for me!!! You know.  Remember that slight chance of Emphysema? But it should be fine because I’ve quit smoking!

I also bought some lottery scratch cards.  Gee! Not trading an an addiction for another, just adding one more?

Music on and neighbours outside all the time! Must it? Nothing special.  Delirium. 

Good word for me and my life now though.

Refusing to proof. 

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?


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