Nothing Like Humiliation to Make You Sober?

Hopefully? I’m pretty sure definitely because it was NOT PRETTY.

Allergies can remain dormant for a long time.  The humiliation? I thought I’d try having some beer again after it made me so sick a couple of years ago.

Hey! I was fine.  Fast forward to about a week ago.

I didn’t have much.  Maybe two of three bottles and they were paced.  I vaguely remember one thing.

A paramedic saying, “Oh! She’s gonna throw up again.”  I could feel him turning me onto my side.

Then I openend my eyes to find myself in a hospital room.  I was all by myself, the lights were turned off and the door was shut. 

They had already done all their tests on me.  I was on one of several ER areas where they monitor you.


Thankfully I was on the BEST and obviously my favourite ER Doctor’s Rotation.  His Intern working with him was an agel too.

I have no idea what happened.  At the time.  I found out I was there for nine hours.  Well, I lost consciousness pretty bad, I guess.  Hold me there that long for Observation. 

But I don’t know anything of what happened as I was still unstable upon Discharge.

I realized and put it all together much later when I got home.

Found unconscious puking in bar.

Found puking all over bathroom and making no sense in uni. Taken to hospital by Campus Police.

Drank beer maybe I don’t know, several years ago.  Mental!!!

Maybe two years, that one bottle that made me want to die.

Now? Severe allergic reaction? And it’s not the alcohol, it’s something in it, or used to process it.

So there I was for all to see.  Some drunkard getting hauled away to who knows where because…

Some gossipy hag who lives in our building asked me! She wasn’t even there!

I’m ready to give up my humiliation.  In trade for an Gimme my Epi-Pen perhaps?

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?


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