They’re gonna love me when I go for my appt. for my Addition Treatment. On Tuesday.

“When was your last drink?”

So far, today. I’m sitting here with some of it left. I’ll probably have another. I’m such an asshole. I was doing so well.

Would my last one be the day before the appt.? That might knock their socks off.

It might get me sent straight into a 10-day Detox Program before any Outpatient Program that then, leads to the three week Inpatient Program.

I care and I don’t care. Oh, the smoking too. Excuse me while I go out for one. I really wish the days when you could still smoke in restos and bars.

Back now.

I know I can still get enough of my shit together for a trip on accessible transit to take me to a Graphic Novel and Comic Shop. I forgot I have a bundle of shit to pick up. On hold. I’ll buy more stuff there too.

I need to make a separete Category for GNs. Wow! Neuronal Activity! Except it’s spelled wrong. Not so much Neuronal Activity.

I think I’ve said all I need. You get the picture.

But one final question. Why the fuck do guys always pull at their crotches so much? I keep looking and I never see that they have a hard on.

Unless their dicks are seriously small.

  1. …sometimes they just need adjusting. Underwear and pants can push the penis into weird positions, so adjustments must be made for comfort reasons. Also, because we can.


  2. Tina

    I had had been self-medicating for a decade and a half with alcohol before I realized/was tested (in rehab) for bipolar. My rock-bottom almost killed me so I decided I better not mix meds with alcohol and take things seriously. (I passed out on my arm and got rhabdomialysis – not fun – very scary). So now I’ve been sober for 3 going on 4 years and finally feel the full benefits of my medication. Also, my full diagnosis is Bipolar 2, PTSD, and anxiety/social anxiety. Hang in there.


  3. Hi Gabriel…. Oh, my Beauty! This would DEFINITELY be a Post where you would Comment! I love you so much.

    Ironically, I know a blogger with Asperger’s who seems to have a stim of tugging and maybe(?) adjusting. I don’t know if stims are “contagious” but I’ve found myself a new Aspie stim!

    I’m tugging at my clothes where if I had a penis, I might be adjusting it somehow–but I don’t have a penis. It’s just tugging at the the clothing where my crotch is.

    Aspie stims are freaky.

    Hi Tina. Welcome to my blog. I don’t know if you’ve been here before as I haven’t heard a story like this–like yours.

    It sounds very harrowing and so hard, so goddamn hard of what we have to go through and fight. It’s such a battle, isn’t it?

    I’m just starting mine. It sounds like you’ve been through hell for your 3-4 years coming up. Good for you!

    I just blew a week. I know I haven’t been getting back to people online here. I’m sorry. Mostly it’s because I’ve been working on getting sober and cleaning up my life in general.

    But thank you SO much for your support. And to know your shared diagnoses with me? That helps a lot.

    Take care,


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