No.  Not at all.  I’ve had the most painful and…  It would make you cry! Virus or Bacterial Infection for about 10 Days now.

However, it feels more like 18.  Or a little less?

But the bitch of it is, it’s gotten WAY out of control.  WAY.  WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY! The only things I can put me are clear things.  No solid things–even of these are beverages.

I always have to eject sugar and lactose or things (get worse.)   I have seriously ejected but now, but I don’t think there’s much of my stomach or my entire gastro system is left.  Definitely my lower bowel and colon! Actually, I’m taking Buckley’s Complete and it is burning a hole as well.

I’ve called and a doctor will be coming to see me.  ETA late afternoon into the night.

Yes, we have a service where I live where you can get “House Calls.”  Oh, yeah! I can’t move, when I walk I’m dizzy and have almost fallen down completely.

Okay, you got the picture.  Even writing this is killing me.  I had to wait until I sent an email to my mother.  Fucking Ridiculous.

P.S. I wonder if I got this from the guys who treated my place for bedbugs.  The fumes didn’t go away until at least the next day.  Eep! My Immune System is shit compared to others anyway


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