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Well, folks.  Bad news.  Very.  baby MacBook v.2.1 is basically DEAD.

I’m not even touching it until I get to the shop.  There,  the wonderful woman (who I’ve been working with forever) can discuss a solution.  Apart from an immediate backup.

That was planned a long time ago but numerous problems kept preventing it.  It’s still okay though.  No data lost, hard drive in tact as far as I suspect. 

Why wouldn’t it be from logging on, then logging off and seeing my version of Safari is now fucked.  I didn’t touch shit and immediately shut down. 

So I’m not going to be around for a while.  My phone can’t do anything but a garbage Post like this.  I can’t get back to Comments properly either. 

Twitter? Oh my God’s Purple Earth! So if you’ve sent me a Follow on Twitter, just hang in there! I’m not ignoring you!

I need to look into iPads and if they travel/stream on the road.  Wi-Fi + Cellular as opposed to just Wi-Fi.  That might tide me over.

If not, take the bloody plunge into more debt.  Thank all Deities I can get a three month no payment plan!


Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?

I’m sorry, but with my Mac dying I can’t get access to my own Post! So I’d just like to thank you for adding to the thread.  It’s such a hard issue.

Further, you’re eating regular meals and it’s still happening. That’s HOW you stop Night Eating Syndrome/Disorder.  Eat regular meals and it basically just stops.

I’m not a Dietician.  Maybe you should see one? I don’t know what else I can suggest.  Maybe switching or swapping what you’re eating might help with your metabolism? That’s where a good Dietician could come in.

Take care,

NOTE: The Post in question is called, “Why I Wake Up Starving in the Middle of the Night.”

Bedridden. Again.
I saw Sweetie GP today.
Rest. Rest. Rest.
Pneumonia. Pneumonia. Pneumonia.
Rest. Rest. Rest.

I’ve postponed everything I am/was attending/had to do.  I know I have Comments here as well.

Zombie Answer?

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?