Wondercane is Dying!

I started writing a Post earlier this morning but I have an appointment. I’m just waiting for Accessible Transit to pick me up

That’s when I found out. Fab, just happy dancin’ Fabbo! Maybe it was starting to go because Non-Arsey Neuro tends to check the top screwing mechanism. It keeps everything together for a Telescopic Cane.

Which I love for they’re own mobility. 

Sometimes I have trouble finding them though. I’m too short. Also, THEY MUST BE BLACK!

So after my appointment, which I am rather afraid of, I will need to go grab a cane.

“Just a small, please. Black is fine. Thank you very much. You have a great day too!”

Coffee Cane? o.O

There’s a place nearby that could order me one. I also had my kickin’ krutches delivered there. Which I don’t think you know about?

Another Post to write.

They retrofit bathrooms and all of that too. I still haven’t gotten around to getting a bar for my shower, a seat etc. I can maybe do everything in one shot?

I just hope my Government Puny Stipend will pay for it. They’re supposed too!

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?


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