Here I am, drinking in my local pub, and an older (and very sweet) man and I went for a cigarette.  We’ve had many great discussions about so many things in life.

I asked him, “Could you keep this under your had?” while I played with the hat he was actually wearing.

He said, “What?” as I kept pointing to the inside of the pub.

Anxious response: “Just between you and me?”

“Sure! Anything!” he nearly shouted.

Well, shouted as an old man who might be able to shout.  One who had a voice like road construction going on in his lungs from smoking three packs of cigarettes a day–although he didn’t–not that many.

And who am I to judge? I always end up smoking when I drink too. I’m seeing my Respirologist on Wednesday.  Uh, okay…

I told him that I was going to start attending AA Meetings.

Well, throw my Alcoholic Ass through the pub window! He’d been going for years to AA (with relapses.)  The same place too! It’s within walking distance from where I live as well.  Uber-bonus.

I’m not sure when I’ll start.  I’m not making an excuse for not starting.  My empty schedule has now become so unwickedly busy again.  I have to balance appointments here and there, where and when…

I write it all on this calender I’ve stabbed on my closet door with a pushpin.

NOTE: Stabby, Stabby feels good!!!

It’s completely multi-coloured by huge, permanent ink markers where I’ve written things.  Then, I have to colour over something else with another colour.  It’s a total mess.  It’s bleeding through all the paper as well.

Whatever.  I have bigger worries.  I guess I sometimes worry if I can read my calender.

Hang on.  That is a big worry.  My mobile! But having it in working order is a HUGE WORRY.

  1. Your last two posts were hysterical. I could relate to the old man in this one as my brother is the king of the white chip. He once asked in a meeting how many white chips it took before he could trade them in for a red one …. as though he was in a casino.

    Thanks for the great reads.


  2. Hi splashhhh. Great to meet you and welcome to my crazy little piece of the Internet’s Blogging Space. I know you must find it a crazy piece since you’ve read more that one of my Posts.

    Sorry for the tardiness as well. I never received your Comment. Was it when I was buying my new mobile phone? That would cause several hours of service interruption. Afterward, buggy syncing? Or was it just my old phone that was a piece of crap!

    At any rate, I’ve found you now!

    That is an amazingly funny story about your brother! I’m wondering if they give you a chip for being sober for one day. I can’t recall if I wrote that or not. Regardless, I’ll say it again.

    I want a one day chip!!!

    Thank you so much for reading and your compliments about what you’ve read. Hearing things like that mean so much to me.

    I hope you do come back and see this comment. I also hope you come back and read more of who knows what has been written here!

    No pressure, though! But if you do come back, you might just end up as insane as me, or even more.

    Cheers, PA.


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