Two Days of Technological Bliss

I don’t care what anyone says about unlocked mobile phones. I don’t care what anyone says about the million versions of Samsung mobile phones there are to boast about.

Oh, as all those new and wonderful “Upgrades” that come out. Look! I have a Stylus now!

Both my Samsung II and III NEVER WORKED!!! And as far as a Stylus for a mobile phone? I saw some recently for $5.00. No joke.

My first ‘sung was not unlocked, the second was.

What’s the latest version they have out now? I think they’ve dropped all the numbers in that style, or what? We’d be up to MMCLDVIIII or something?

Because they ARE that stupid. They wouldn’t be able to comprehend Roman Numerals.

Let me prove it to you. It’s actually a little combined Marketing, and TechDUHlgy secret. A company that releases so many mobile phones so quickly as “Upgrades” actually KNOW they’re crap. And I became one of the TechDUHlgy Fish they reeled in twice.

I also became a Super TechDUHlgy Fish in another way. This is another trick used like the one I mentioned above. It’s called, “The Upsell.”

Whenever someone comes to me in a quandary about purchasing anything electronic, I impart my repetitive and sage instructions: write down everything you will use and want to use for said piece of what you wish to buy.


I didn’t do that. Hypnosis. Bells. Whistles. I stared with glazed eyes and forgot the number $500.00 (before taxes.)

And this happened twice? I should be banned from buying technology for the rest of my life!

At least I kept on track this time. I knew what I needed and the cost was cut in half. I also don’t need to sit in my apartment waving my arm in the air back and forth, trying to get access to the Internet.

Now it’s time to take WP for a test drive on it. Any problems? Blame WP.

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