Archive for March 27th, 2015

I’m sick as hell and my chest is on fire. 

I did not think this a serious problem, because I was having diarrhea all over the place.  I also wanted to barf, but being a professional emetophope, of course that did not occur.

Check temperatures, as I started to better after only a few sips of water to a half bottle to try and rehydrate somewhat.

When I get sick, all lactose and sugars are out the window.  That’s a problem.  Not much I can put in me–even if I want to eat anyway.

My Immune System says to any Virus or Bacterial Infection I get, “Yea! Let’s keep this party going guys!!!”

Apparently my invitation was delivered to the wrong address, or if I got one it wasn’t printed correctly.

Why am I simultaneously freaking out and getting angry? The temperatures I’ve been taking.  Today it went from a degree above normal.  Now it’s 101°F.

Oh, big deal, take something to lower it.  I can try and I am, but once it starts moving (and very fast!) to 102°F…103°F…  I’m cooked.

Bad pun with burning lungs.  Sorry, completely unintentional.

It will eventually get near to 104°F by my thermometer even if it differs by a degree by the paramedics and/or hospital.  Moreover, the problems still exist.

One fun problem is being placed in Isolation.  They have no clue what’s going on with you for certain, therefore get the person away from everyone else!!! She could be septic with some kind of something!!!

However, mentioning sepsis is a good thing.  A fever at 104°F or getting to it or possibly over it means, “I could die.  Even right this second.  Would it be too much trouble for you to monitor me?”

I think one time I was getting close 105°F.  I couldn’t get a proper read as I continued along.  That’s nuts!

Kids, if this happens it will be the FIFTH time!!! Over the course of 2-3yrs. O_o

During the last time, I was actually admitted to the Respiratory Department.  I have a wonderful Specialist there.  The last time wasn’t too long ago.  Let me be a bit of a puzzle for him this time, should I end up there again?

I fucking sleep either.  This always happens too.   Well, just take my meds anyway and wake up in perfect condition.