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A Business Associate and great friend no longer works at her job.  I found out today.  Via a bounce email stating that fact.

I went out of my mind.  I actually started searching Obituaries since she didn’t tell me and we had just been in contact recently.

Why did she not tell me while still working on a project together and I was to see her this month.

I ended up calling and spoke to her replacement, I guess.  I begged him to contact her on my behalf.  To please tell her to contact me.

He said he’d speak to his Manager, but:

“Usually when someone leaves and they don’t tell anyone, it’s because they don’t want them to know.”

I’ve had some time to think and I’m wondering if this is pure, ADULTERATED bullshit.  As in, shut your fuckin’ mouth to your clients here because you’re moving elsewhere.

She was too good at her job to get tossed out of there.  Fuck.

That’s the apogee.

I haven’t said anything about this.  The already existing HELL.

My Mom’s gotten the boot to vacate her house.  With one month’s notice.  That’s criminal but it was only at the beginning of May so it didn’t matter.  So much for her to do.

She lives a distance from me but I’ve been trying to get there as much as I can.  Squeeze her in between so many appointments, hop on a train and so forth.

Now, I might be kind of sick.  Is it just exhaustion from all of the madness of too much I’m trying to accomplish? You, or rather me, can crash pretty hard if I do take on more than I chew.

But with a short period of time to rest, a fresh wee daisy! Not now.  Plus things that…just don’t sit right and have never happened at all.

Sweetie GP and I are trying to solve the puzzle.

The exhaustion refuses to abate.  All I want to do is sleep during the day.  I can NOT sleep during the day.  Once I’m up, I’m up.  I must have a near death virus to give me an hour or so of a nap!

Doctor’s Orders: Do NOT sleep during the day.  I cannot tell you how tortuous that is right now.

Couple that with Inzombia, things get even worse.  Due to all of this, probably the craziest battery of tests to be done is a Sleep Study.  Another Borg PA, but for sleepies, not a quick EEG for epilepsy.  Yay.

Time to pass out.  NEVER!!! I was standing in my kitchen and weak, spinny, where is my head? Gonna go down… Can I reach the counter with my hand fast enough?

That was a whole new experience for me! And if you’re curious about my epilepsy and it being a seizure? Nope!

I only have one type of seizure that will make me look like I “pass out.” However, it hits immediately and I lose all consciousness.  I regain consciousness in a few minutes or a bit less.  An Atonic Seizure.

A couple of more tests! CBC which is basic and always done.  Then, specifically my ferritin to see if my anemia has gotten worse.

This is a fun one though! A test I’ve never done like the Sleep Study! Granted, much easier and not as insane.

Sugar Base.  Or Sugar Line.  Whatever you want to call it.


Draw blood and measure.  Drink uber-sweet beverage.  Wait.  Draw blood again and measure.  Compare.

End Result? What’s the deal about sugar and my body.  If there’s an issue, what to do to treat said issue.

I’m also awaiting a ring from a new Gynecologist.  My current one is extremely unprofessional and just plain mean.

With the new Gynecologist, discussions will be had about having a partial hysterectomy.  I will keep my ovaries, of course.  I still need my hormones! This is not a joke.  If you had my uterus inside your body, it would be abundantly clear!

I guess that’s it. 

I should try to sleep now?