E=Mc a Square=My Dissociative Amnesia

Yeah.  What the hell does Einstein’s Theory of Relatively have to do with my INSANE PTSD AND NOT REMEMBERING ALMOST ALL OF MY LIFE.

Well, Physics is kind of weird.  Just like Neurology.  In fact, apart from weird, its misunderstood, like mining for gold in gold or vice versa and more.

Relatively is back and forth and forth and back and faster and faster and then a further link to outer space, then things get pretty messy–from a basic Physics Perspective.

Or at least how it started long ago.  People got really mad.  Was he some kind of heretic? No, people just didn’t get it.

Back and forth.  I don’t

  1. Reblogged this on Mentally Wealthy and commented:
    Insightful and real..


  2. Hi patientanonymous. I see you’re back to commenting on your Blog again. What’s up? You haven’t done that in a while.

    Well, I just wanted to let the person who gave me a “Like” here, and also Reblogged this Post know I wasn’t finished.

    I was going to delve further into Quantum Physics to explain the Multiverse, and how it affects the subject matter–and the entire human race.

    Don’t anyone laugh at the concept. Quantum is the basis for it. Look into Schrödinger’s Cat to begin with.


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