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Well, stroke or no, I’m typing on my mobile like I’ve never seen one before.  That’s probably why I keep having to charge it five times a day.

I’m serious.  V…e…r…y…s…l  Yeah, you guys get it.  It’s tiring too.  Well, everything is but you guys get the typing thing too.

There was talk about a stroke initially.  Right between my Doctor and me.  She stated it looked like.  Read my mind.

Who knows until we get that MRI! At Sweetie GP’s waiting to get picked up.  She’s going to push the hospital and say a big “WTF!!!” to them.

Now I’m going to pull out a bunch of papers sent to my Neuro.  Despite how sick I am, there might be a lot of sickanger going on.  I’ll be totally pissed off to see documents filled with errors.

Must rest eyes.  Darkness forthwith.

Thank you for reading. Do you feel ill now?

Hey Twitter People. I just got back from a 5 inpatient hospital stay.  Don’t know what happened yet as for some stupid reason couldn’t get MRI while there.

Doctor pissed off.  Me too.

Weird, unbelievable eye insanity, but other parts of body.  Plus being true emetophobe, actually puked.

Like, whoa.  That’s something serious.

Still having side/after effects.  My eyes hurt so much.  Seriously.  The whole part.  Want to rip absolutely everything from orbital socket to make the pain go away.

Also, I need to relearn how to walk again.

Seizure? Well…  For Days??? Rather, post-ictal for days.  No other things.

Time to put the zebra in front of the horse (stated based on medical expression.)

So too many things.  Need MRI to really see? Doctor and I have same idea.  Or similar.

People who have contacted or Followed me.  I will be back but need total rest for eyes.  So slow.

Thank you for reading. Do you feel ill now?

I knew I needed new glasses.  I’ve joked here about Bifocals but instead I needed “Progressives.”  So is that beginning of the slow descent to Bifocalism?

What I didn’t know was that some simple, blurred vision I was ignoring…well, I needed new glasses!

Erm…not so much ado about that.  Actually, due to the shop’s exam, some sample contact lenses to get me by until the stoopid guvmunt approving at least maybe some of what I needed?  

My eyes and vision and goggles and all else are very complicated.

I have crowed and now bitched about my PERIOD ANEMIA!!! Guess what another symptom is that as stated no clue did have moi? BLUHTFKRD BIGDSUM!!!


It all makes sense.  It was outrageous trying to do the exam.  I couldn’t tell what was going on.  Better? Worse? The Optometrist Woman was getting totally bitchy! *laughing so hard*  She told me she had another patient waiting.

The contacts? Oh, they weren’t even CLOSE to a WICKED LSD RIDE!

NOTE: PA has never partaken in or any form of LSD but she HAS heard from RELIABLE sources that it is indeed, wicked and pleasurable.

What it all comes down to now, is the same thing as, well, everything else.  Monitor for changes!

Except my eyes.  You never, ever, never, EVER mess with your eyes.

I called Sweetie GP today because it has been going on so long unnoticed.  Any change at all with my blurred vision and it might even be hospital time.

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One of which is WordPress Sucks

I collected lots of things when I was a kid. 

Stamps, coins, fossils–or anything else I could find during my “Archeological Digs” in our backyards.  Including a lot of trouble for my ‘Digs, and a lot of Heatstroke.

One other that still remains is Playing Cards. 

How geeky is a kid begging and pleading for a French Replica Set from the 1700’s? The original Deck is preserved in Le Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

ASIDE: Pardon mon Francis.  Tres mal.

I was eight-years-old.  This happened visiting the gift shop of some Museum in New York.  I don’t remember which one.  We went to all of them?

So let’s toss my Aspie Jazz too.  Because we like and collect lots and lots and lots of things! And sometimes we even know lots and lots and lots about them.

ASIDE: MASSIVE Aspie and Spectrum joke.  Are we all rolling around on the floor laughing yet???

So I have a coin.  Almost 2/3 colour and quite high, or significant relief.  If you don’t know, relief is any part of the coin you can feel on it that is raised up–excluding its edges.

I showed it to a Postal friend of mine to see if it was simply in circulation (worth nothing) or minted not for circulation.  Apparently, some can accidentally get tossed in the wrong direction.

He said he’d never seen it come out.  Also, when it was tossed to me as change, it was in perfect condition.  Like nobody had even touched it.

He said keep watching.  If you don’t see any more, you might have something worth…something?

In collecting coins as a kid, some really old ones.  A penny from the late 1800’s? But not in the best condition.

Now, minted coins can actually become an investment.  Or a purchase that will become more valuable than what you paid for it.  Especially if they only minted a limited amount.

This should be fun.

Thank you for reading. Do you feel ill now?


Oops.  “Bloody” was a pretty dumb word to write there, wasn’t it? Nonetheless…

I just got off the phone with Sweetie GP.  She needed to be updated on some things she’s not aware of.  Some new things, LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! *laughing* 

Also, something new to me that just ain’t no fun and ain’t no fair.

Everyone around here knows (or will read now) THIS STUPID BULLSHIT has to do with my Fibroids.

One thing that is not uncommon is for women to experience heavier periods.  Although, with my long history of anemia, I joke that I now have, “Period Anemia.”

This is actually not a joke.  AND NOT TODAY!!!


I had so much to do today.  So much I was capable of doing today.  One thing I needed to do today.

Now, we’re playing “Hide and Seek Period.”  I spot so heavily it’s like I’m on it.  Then, that stops.  Then, just wait and count to 100!

It would appear my Fibroids have quite a sense of humor.  WELL IT’S NOT FUNNY AT ALL BEING OUT IN PUBLIC WITH NO TAMPONS!!! RUN TO DRUGSTORE CASUALLY!!!

I cannot count the pairs of underwear and other clothes, that I have had to throw in the trash. 

So, my Fibroids seem to be stand-up comics AND extortionists!


And speaking of fucking? This is the latest and greatest. 


That’s what I referred to as, “…just ain’t no fun and just ain’t no fair.”

I think it’s pretty clear to say that’s an understatement larger than our entire Galaxy.  Or larger.

I won’t delve into the three pages of what my Fibroids are doing to me.  Which they should not be doing to me.  Or any other woman.  In our Galaxy or beyond.

However, this is the end of the line. 


Thank you for reading. Do you feel ill now?