Was the Change Worth More Than the Purchase?

I collected lots of things when I was a kid. 

Stamps, coins, fossils–or anything else I could find during my “Archeological Digs” in our backyards.  Including a lot of trouble for my ‘Digs, and a lot of Heatstroke.

One other that still remains is Playing Cards. 

How geeky is a kid begging and pleading for a French Replica Set from the 1700’s? The original Deck is preserved in Le Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.

ASIDE: Pardon mon Francis.  Tres mal.

I was eight-years-old.  This happened visiting the gift shop of some Museum in New York.  I don’t remember which one.  We went to all of them?

So let’s toss my Aspie Jazz too.  Because we like and collect lots and lots and lots of things! And sometimes we even know lots and lots and lots about them.

ASIDE: MASSIVE Aspie and Spectrum joke.  Are we all rolling around on the floor laughing yet???

So I have a coin.  Almost 2/3 colour and quite high, or significant relief.  If you don’t know, relief is any part of the coin you can feel on it that is raised up–excluding its edges.

I showed it to a Postal friend of mine to see if it was simply in circulation (worth nothing) or minted not for circulation.  Apparently, some can accidentally get tossed in the wrong direction.

He said he’d never seen it come out.  Also, when it was tossed to me as change, it was in perfect condition.  Like nobody had even touched it.

He said keep watching.  If you don’t see any more, you might have something worth…something?

In collecting coins as a kid, some really old ones.  A penny from the late 1800’s? But not in the best condition.

Now, minted coins can actually become an investment.  Or a purchase that will become more valuable than what you paid for it.  Especially if they only minted a limited amount.

This should be fun.

Thank you for reading. Do you feel ill now?


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