I knew I needed new glasses.  I’ve joked here about Bifocals but instead I needed “Progressives.”  So is that beginning of the slow descent to Bifocalism?

What I didn’t know was that some simple, blurred vision I was ignoring…well, I needed new glasses!

Erm…not so much ado about that.  Actually, due to the shop’s exam, some sample contact lenses to get me by until the stoopid guvmunt approving at least maybe some of what I needed?  

My eyes and vision and goggles and all else are very complicated.

I have crowed and now bitched about my PERIOD ANEMIA!!! Guess what another symptom is that as stated no clue did have moi? BLUHTFKRD BIGDSUM!!!


It all makes sense.  It was outrageous trying to do the exam.  I couldn’t tell what was going on.  Better? Worse? The Optometrist Woman was getting totally bitchy! *laughing so hard*  She told me she had another patient waiting.

The contacts? Oh, they weren’t even CLOSE to a WICKED LSD RIDE!

NOTE: PA has never partaken in or any form of LSD but she HAS heard from RELIABLE sources that it is indeed, wicked and pleasurable.

What it all comes down to now, is the same thing as, well, everything else.  Monitor for changes!

Except my eyes.  You never, ever, never, EVER mess with your eyes.

I called Sweetie GP today because it has been going on so long unnoticed.  Any change at all with my blurred vision and it might even be hospital time.

CODA: My “Upgraded” version of WordPress for Android on my mobile won’t let me access all of my Categories.

One of which is WordPress Sucks


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