In zoned voice to Receptionist with rising tears toward end:

“Hi, it’s me.  I know we talked about delaying things because of my living situation.  Yes, not knowing about the second Bedbug Treatment.  And not hearing back from the maintenance guy about ANOTHER flood from the woman upstairs.

Well, I finally heard back from him, and would have called you earlier but the office was closed.  We need to reschedule the appointment.  In fact, I don’t even know when I can do the bloods.  You see…even if for the time…

…well, uh, wait, they’re doing more pest control.  Ants and mice.  And I was told my second Bedbug one was two days after?

Things have been damaged I’ve found.  I’m making a list for my Insurance Company because I did everything right.  And the medical letter? It said everything right! But now I have to tell them everything!

Snniff,snifff, I’m sorry.  So it’s not just my living situation and all I have to do there and I don’t know how, but the bloods, and I don’t care.

First week of the month.  That’s when I get my period and the catamenial migraines that mimic strokes and it was so bad this time and real migraines gr…uhhh…ummm Sssoorrryyy…

So no way I could do them on time, in bed for days and I don’t care.  Ahhh…ohhh..snifff…shighff.  I don’t care about my dying liver, having all three Hepatitis A, B and C or dying.  I don’t care.

I can’t do anything about anything.  What’s the point? Who cares and all I have to do is going to take forever anyway so everything is just going to have to wait.  I can’t do anything about anything.

The only thing I can do is get my hair cut.  That’s all I can do.  Get my hair cut.  And dye it too.  That’s all I want to do.  Maybe if I can do that.

So I guess I’ll have to call you back when all of this has to be done.  Thanks, hon.”

The tears will be full throttle if you couldn’t tell.  The call would not be aggressive in any manner whatsoever.

The “hon” is because I have a very special rapport with my portion of the Staff (Sweetie GP’s Staff.)

They would probably (definitely!) ask me if I wanted a call from Sweetie GP. 

With the call I would continue to be so upset, I’d be confused and anything could pop out of my mouth. 

Although note it would not be Passive-aggressive if it sounded like it, because of our relationship.  It would be purely because I was falling apart all over.

This will basically be the call I will have to make to the office tomorrow or Monday.  And sadly, that’s how it will go.

Unless I just shutdown completely and state we must postpone.  However, if I’m asked any questions? Then I might start falling apart.

I think I’ll go for the second option.  Shutdown.  The Receptionists are always busy.

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