I miss you.  As I lie on my bed listening to my Wittner. 

You said you’d never play for me.  The one you had was too beat up and broken.  You’d do much better on a new one.

I didn’t care.  All I wanted was just a few notes? Anything? Even just record a scale on an .mp3?

Did I tell you about my Grandparents Wittner? I don’t think I did.  We never talked about using the tools to learn.  You had already reached your highest level of Certification.

Wittners are the best ever made.  The one my Grandparents had was already an antique when I played with it as a child.

It would last forever.  Turn the golden ring on the side until tight.  Then after, do it again, so long it would run, so long it would never stop!

Beautiful oak(?) What does or did such dark wood look to a child.  Unvarnished as an antique but only a couple of small scratches?

That was because it was actually used.  The middle son played music fabulously.  I don’t think without a single lesson either.

He was the quiet one.  He and his wife were the nicest ones to me. 

In fact, I realized that none of them were really nice to me at all.  Over all the years no matter who came and went.  That’s because as an adult many, many years later, I found out they had ALL kept a secret from me.

I wasn’t blood related to them.  I was conceived with another man of another race.  It happened while overseas while my supposed father was working in Pakistan in the 1960’s.

Back then, Companies paid for entire families to travel anywhere if someone had to go there to work.  So my mother and my older sister went too.

And my mommy fell in love with my biological daddy.  Or actually, it was the other way around.  My mommy was shy and he fell for her at first sight.

I don’t talk to anyone who is not biologically related to me anymore. Except for one person who never cared about it, and I didn’t realize how much he loved me.  Until he told me so.

But I miss that Wittner.  So I bought two smaller ones for myself.  Although suppose I don’t need to miss their Wittner.  Because I don’t miss any of them.

But I still miss you.  R.

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