Some people who know me might have seen loads of Tweets from me about Footie (aka Soccer but the WRONG name.)

They might be questioning what is that all about? Well, quite simply, it’s a love of my life since I was a child.  The first sport I ever leaned to play.

And I fought to play it.  I grew up in a small town so trying to get Teams together for anything included the town kids, ones that lived out on farms.

I was the only girl.  Some boys screamed no girls, others didn’t care.  But I wouldn’t leave.  No way.

I’m the kind of person if you tell me I shouldn’t do it; demeaning tells me not to do it? LOOK OUT!!!

If it’s stated because I’m a woman? Oh, you think me sticking with the Football team? That was just me as a child. 

As an adult? You might not want to be in that place someone told me where I shouldn’t be–because I was I was a woman.

Sure, my Blog will still be Psych and Med focussed.  I won’t say it’s a “trap” but it just evolved that way more and more.  Both because of my readership and me as well.


We’ve all been there.  Too the point of even trashing the whole thing completely!

I’m a writer so it’s the typical cursor flashing on the white screen.  You can’t produce.  Or you’re stuck in monotonous babble (or so it feels?)

You just shutdown and leave the online world.  Then you come back.  Then you leave.  Then you…  A total Yo-Yo. 

I don’t know about anyone else but this behaviour leaves me deliriously confused, and extremely guilty.  I feel like I’m letting people down.

A wonderful friend of mine who is also a Blogger always told me to try and mix things up.  Write about different things.

Ugh.  I cannot tell you how distressing that was.  Even though I wanted to do it.

So the Footie example is just one thing I want to try and do on my Blog differently. 

How about not proofing this too? Yep.  No proofing.

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  1. I mostly write about mental health but I dabble in other fun or important topics as well. It does keep it fresh for you and your readers and invites new readers to come!


  2. Hi prideinmadness. Good to see you! Even nicer to see you, because nobody has left a comment on one of my Blog Posts in months! *laughing*

    Thanks for your words of encouragement. That was some of what my Post was about. Expanding. Trying to toss a mixed salad with the dressing already on it, but then dropping it on the floor.

    Take care,

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  3. It is my pleasure to leave a comment :) I have been behind in commenting the past few months because I have been so busy! I think it’s also good for us to write about other things because writing about mental health all the time can be upsetting. We’re a diverse group of people with diverse interests :)


  4. Hi prideinmadness. Thanks for being so happy to leave a comment. That makes me happy. Although, I do see a few Likes along the way with my Posts.

    That is based presumably upon the effectiveness of the WP App. It tells me so on my mobile. That’s the only way I’m writing these days. Should I write at all. *wry grin*

    No, I am cranking out a few things these days. A lot of time on Twitter though. Perhaps too much. But it’s sucking me in Socially Applicationally Vortexically with things I need to know. Or don’t.

    Therein lies the entire problem with all Social App ugliness and addiction. I positively despite it.

    I agree about mental health writing so prolifically. Most especially when you are struggling. That would be the most difficult? Unless you need to Post for therapeutic reasons or to rant etc.

    But I have experienced writing on and on about my health. Be it mental, physical or both. It has made me feel putrid. It’s made me more sick than I was already!

    Then, being elevated (or drowned) by such further wretchedness, I would disappear from the online world for ages. I don’t know whether anyone has missed me or cared about my welfare, but I have found out a handful have “noticed” when I do resurface. *smirks*

    But in the end, we both agree. We need to write about other things. Plus, have fun. Which you have greatly indulged me in doing so with this Comment response.

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  5. I know I have noticed when certain people haven’t written in awhile. I just always hope they are ok.

    I think I’m due for a more fun post. I just came out of a depressive episode yesterday so I think I need something light (despite the fact that I’m preparing to write a blog about how positive thinking can be abusive…lol).


  6. Hi again prideinmadness. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been down lately. *big hugs*

    Oh, dear. You are funny despite feeling like crap! Although, I tend to be the same? I’m so twisted and my sense of humour is so bizarre, dark and off the wall. I don’t think people understand it a lot of lot of times. If at all? *smirks*

    This going well beyond you need to have a sense of humour to get through things, life etc. Very true. However, that can be illusive, if not impossible to find during certain times.

    I’m kind of slipping into a low, but trying to fight it. I’m just letting things flow. I’m tired and need rest so that’s all I’m doing now. Keeping my mind occupied with non-triggering TV.

    I do want to read your Post though! I’m not reading Blogs unless some kind of Post comes out of nowhere and slaps me in the face!

    So come back when you’ve put it up, okay? x


  7. I can get the dark humour lol many of my friends have mental health issues and the jokes we make can be pretty morbid :p

    Take care of yourself!!!


  8. Hey again, prideinmadness. Absolutely. You take care too.

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