Yes, more Bedbug crap.

I can’t get anyone to help me with my apartment that still looks like a garbage dump with all the millions of trash bags all over it.

Could I get anymore frustrated? Oh, you bet I could! I want to take my mobile and throw it across the room until it shatters into bits.  Impossible.  Futile.


When should I attack “The Bags?”

I want to be really, really, really sure there won’t be any problems.  I’m still supposed to wash all the clothes in my closet.

Because I couldn’t get any help beyond doing regular laundry. 

In four days.  Who could do that period?

ASIDE: How do you wash and dry a lovely, wool, winter coat where the length is mid-calf?


So I went to the Building Manager.  We can get this white powder that supposedly is really effective for the stupid, little…

But as I was leaving, he said, “Be SURE to wear a mask.”

Oh, my god.  Where does that rate on the “Pesticide Meter.”

When the real Treatments were done, we had to leave our apartments for four to six hours.  I waited six and was still breathing toxic fumes with a fan and window open.

I have a couple of N95 masks from hospital.  I’ve been put into Iso (the Isolation Department in the ER) four times for pneumonia! Not kidding!

Why Iso? I get fevers so high (104°F?) they don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Even though I do. 

Although, with temperatures that high, you don’t fool around.  Slight increase? Forget Iso.  You’re now in the Morgue. 

Still, on the medical side I am very sick.  People don’t want to risk getting as sick as I am, or put others at risk.

They also need to get into me IV fluids to rehydrate, reduce the fevers, antibiotics, painkillers…  One time it was Morphine. 

That was ordered for the worst time ever.  Pain for the coughing and a way to try and relax the muscle spasms of my lungs. 

It didn’t work but I felt pretty relaxed otherwise.  I wanted to ask the nurse for more since I was pretty confident I’d cough up one of my lungs through the constant tissue damage anyway.  I knew she wouldn’t shoot me up again though.

By that, I mean through a secondary IV Port, set up with a super fast drip for the bolus.  She didn’t cook it up and go straight for a vein.

Oh, yes. A bolus? It’s not something that sounds like your cat or dog puked up.  It’s just a tinier IV Bag.  It would probably have something special in it.  Medically required and used specifically.  And again, probably with a pretty fast drip because they want to get it into quickly.

However, in some emergency situations, they can grab a spoon, cook up fast and shoot you up in a jiffy.  Then, hopefully you’ll be feeling REALLY GOOD.

Certainly a hell of a lot better than you weren’t feeling before.

I emailed my Building Manager about this Powder because I’m not taking any chances.  My Immune System is more messed up apart from the Respiratory business.

The N95 masks are better than the Medical Procedure ones I already have.  I tried to sleep in one when I came home to my toxic garbage dump, but they’re round.  Sure, that’s comfy.

I can sleep in my Procedures because they’re basically flat.  But even then, they can get tossed across the room if they bug me, or I’m having a fitful sleep, bad dreams, who knows.

There are some things I can put away.  Things that aren’t clothing related, stuff treated like all my stationary, other objects. 

I just can’t find them.

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