How Could I Forget?

Quite easily, appently.  As of November, this stupid, damn, insane Blog has managed to exist for 10 stupid, damn, insane years. o_O

I have no idea what to say about that.  Well, I suppose I could shout out strings of profanity that make no sense.  However, that doesn’t feel so celebratory.  You would just find a lot of it here.

Right now, it’s like my Blog isn’t even here.  Or it’s made of lace.  Or who knows what?

Maybe it’s some kind of dormant monster that’s been waiting to sink its teeth into me.  The last thing I’ll see, is the Grim Reaper leaning against my doorway, enjoying a Cuban.

Cigar, that is.

Stranger things could happen.  Like me in the Blogosphere for 10 years.

  1. I’m just glad you made it – I’ve quietly read your blog for a long time. It takes guts to write about the things that happen to us.

    I hope you make it another 10 years here.


  2. Hi Bob Hays.

    Thank you so much for your Comment and letting me know you’re a reader as well. Sometimes I wonder if I have any left!

    MENTAL note: fix this shitty app so it publishes via other shitty apps like it used to do. Maybe more writing, reading, nothing? *smirks*

    Nonetheless, thank you so, so much again.

    Another 10 years?

    …stranger things could happen…

    *wry grin*



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