1. Test failed. Can’t see this post at all. Nope. Not a thing.


  2. Hi Canageek. Okay. Interesting. I’m using the Mobile App. so that might be the problem.

    Another person did see it show in Twitter. When they “Liked” it, the visual of my Blog came up. When I Tweeted, just a link.

    None of this shit ever happened before. PW changes? App. updates?

    It made me manually “Connect.” Now, that’s a WP issue. They said they were changing their “Sharing” options and stated it in wording like it was basically in beta!

    I kept getting non-stop errors using Chrome, so I did it through FF. YAY! It worked! Connection made with Twitter.

    However, I did go back to using Chrome because mega-CBA to deal with setting it up. Too much pain and can only hold mobile in brief periods because of burn on arm.

    Wrap it up with a pretty bow? I want a fucking iPhone!


  3. >.>

    I was joking, since the only thing in your post is ‘test’. If I couldn’t see it, I wouldn’t have been able to comment on it. Sorry for the confusion.


  4. Hi Canageek. You know what? That totally occurred to me later! I was just to lazy to come back and say it. Bad Blogger PA.

    Or, I had another thought. I put up two and if I was in some kind of Reader for you, it was a “now you see it; now you don’t.”

    Either way, after the Aspie Literal I picked up on it quickly. Nice one.


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