For the first time in my life, I’ve received more Tweet Notification Activity in numbers, than Comments on my Blog.

“Normally” that would be fine. 

However, I have over 100 or so people saying something about me saying something that I really didn’t think was something special at all.

It’s so, totally and obnoxiously fun, when you can take an amazing run-on sentence and hold it captive.  Make you do whatever you want it to, manipulate it as a Writer, even before the Random Note has been sent out? As long as you avoid Purple Prose.

Which that was.  I’m stunned A lot of Spam-A-Rama? I looked at my Inbox, briefly.  I’ve never been messed on Twitter before l figured who was trying to mess with me first.



Just something to put up here because it’s such a massive contrast.  Which form of Social Media is beating up the other, you know?

They’re all going to see this on Twitter.  That’s even more of the crazy.

PA the AI should definitely become unplugged now.

  1. I have no understanding of Twitter whatsoever, but I’m a Luddite-lite. So maybe comments and commenting on blogs is becoming the equivalent of having a phone that’s attached to the wall as your connection to the world, compared to having a phone that can put the entire universe into your pocket.

    So what are these 100 people saying about you?


  2. Hi Gabriel…. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I don’t think you’re that much of a Luddite, either. I had no clue about Twitter until I started using it. I’d be the same with so many other Social Media Apps.

    Let’s say it works like this. Sort of? Opening an Account on Twitter, is like publishing your telephone number in a phone book–for the entire Online Universe. That book is/can be cross-references at the speed of light. Universe.

    However, you can lock your Account so you can’t have your number on Call Display. If you let someone Follow you, you can phone each other. *laughing*

    You can make the leap from that point to working with Blogs, our WP settings etc. right?

    Blogs are more like Accounts in the Online Universe. Smaller than the Galaxy?

    For these, we would receive letters as opposed to phone calls? Unless you’re some Super, Massive, Huge Blogger that recieves a million Comments a day.

    So, in the end, just another form of Social Media on Steroids. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes I can’t wait to delete my Account!

    Originally, I only wanted to use it as a vehicle for my Blog Posts. However, as I published my phone number, I started getting calls and VMs. Others’ numbers… Whoo!

    What was all the fuss? Think about something you wrote on your Blog, and the Postman’s arm nearly breaks with Comments. You didn’t think your words were a big deal!

    Well, a couple of Tweets were. I didn’t think anything was a big deal. But all of the sudden, Macy’s friggin’ Parade shows up out of nowhere.

    One was about thanking people individually if they like what I say. It’s just my style because you know I do it here. The irony with​ that one​, huh?

    I still haven’t​ got back to the second one, plus new phone calls back. Rising to 100 people now.

    I’m​ small fry, but some people come to me with huge Follows. Great!

    But 200 or something overnight? o_O


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