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I’ll just say it up front. Bloody, Crop Fodder! It’s been quite effective. The yield has given a lot for me to shove down my throat and stuff up my arse.

You see, ALL of the family here is flying out to another Province for one of my cousin’s wedding (lest one Anutie, who is too ill to travel at the moment.) Otherwise, all the others are.

Except a cousin. The only other person who grew up with her. Me. Possible

I see. No, actually I don’t see. Might I have an explanation, please?

The explanation I recieved from my Father (with whom I am staying and always do) is extremely vague at best. Let’s start with planting the seeds for the crop.

I asked out of simple curiosity why I wasn’t invited. He said it was small. Not a lot of people were invited. I sat for a moment.

Then I asked who was attending. A reply, in an odd tone: “Just friends and family.” He almost sounded curt.

I waited a bit longer. The crop was certainly in season, and a lot more upkeep was spreading underneath it to keep it growing.

I didn’t pursue my lack of a pretty (ugly) white card in the mail. Their grotesque fonts, raised in shiny gold print always make me want to throw up.

People. I respect the fact that getting married is important to you. But know this: You Are Not Royalty.

Also, you have no sense of originality. How does that feel? For, perhaps the most special day of your entire life, you are just like everyone else.

Digression. Back to more shit for the crop.

I tentatively moved ahead to asking why so small. Was it a money thi…

“Just drop it!”

*crickets living in the growing crop with more help to make it grow*

The final straw or whatever was growing, was almost ready to be harvested.

I randomly said, “I wish I was going, throw me on a plane, take me anywhere!”

Reply: “Would you just drop it! Would you just stop and leave it alone!”

By then, the crop had fully matured.

Although, I didn’t take a single taste, and my little bottom stayed completely clean.

I didn’t give fucking TRUCKLOADS of Crop Fodder about the Wedding at all.