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First, I’d like to say a MASSIVE “THANK YOU!” to all of the new people–and all the others–the “old?.” *laughing*

But thank you so much for all of your new Blog Follows, your Post Likes, and Twitter Follows as well.  I am not boasting or trying to sound vain.  I never do that.  Unless I’m writing so crazily (or not?) about something, it might come across that way.

The point I’m trying to make, is that there have been so many of you.  I can’t keep track! My Inbox can get flooded and I can’t check all of you out! I want to, but on the mental market? I’m not the latest cyborg for sale.  I’m used and a refurb where the Techs didn’t do such a good job.

So I’m sorry for that.  However, I do have everything neatly organized and filed.  I can find all of you, so when I get… *sighs*

My blog sucks, as of late too.  I have a theory about all of you new people; why you’re flying all around my head, then eventually landing straight on it!

NOTE: I am in no way comparing my New Followers like any annoying insects.

My theory is, you are stumbling upon Posts from the past.  You read them, and think, “Hey! This chick’s really groovy ‘n keen ‘n lots of other ‘n stuff.   Or ‘n AWESOME one! This chick’s really out there ‘n I have no clue what sort of person but I’m kind of confused ‘n scared ‘n so curious ‘n at the same time…”

You latter folks are the bravest of all.  It’s like a, dare in your mind to nail me on my Blog, upcoming Posts and new Twitter jazz.

As far as Posts from the past, and how many of you “old guys” are perhaps still around?

I know I put a lot of you through a lot of shit! I know people have given me online defenestrations! I probably deserved it.  Then, there are all of those who have done the same–I just haven’t known about it.  Anonymous Defenestration! 

Me being tardy? My MacBook is totally screwed, so I just tried to replace some things on my Sidebar. Then, for some reason all of my months of blogging became a list!

That proves it.  A little tardy but this blog’s been up for eight years.

Supreme Insanity.

I’ll still keep blogging though.  In doing that?

Beyond Supreme Insanity.

They’re gonna love me when I go for my appt. for my Addition Treatment. On Tuesday.

“When was your last drink?”

So far, today. I’m sitting here with some of it left. I’ll probably have another. I’m such an asshole. I was doing so well.

Would my last one be the day before the appt.? That might knock their socks off.

It might get me sent straight into a 10-day Detox Program before any Outpatient Program that then, leads to the three week Inpatient Program.

I care and I don’t care. Oh, the smoking too. Excuse me while I go out for one. I really wish the days when you could still smoke in restos and bars.

Back now.

I know I can still get enough of my shit together for a trip on accessible transit to take me to a Graphic Novel and Comic Shop. I forgot I have a bundle of shit to pick up. On hold. I’ll buy more stuff there too.

I need to make a separete Category for GNs. Wow! Neuronal Activity! Except it’s spelled wrong. Not so much Neuronal Activity.

I think I’ve said all I need. You get the picture.

But one final question. Why the fuck do guys always pull at their crotches so much? I keep looking and I never see that they have a hard on.

Unless their dicks are seriously small.

To anyone who read it, you have been a victim of my “Drunken Blogging.”  Things can get pretty out of control, and as I result, I speed right past you and pull out my insanity for a Post. WHAM! You’re off to ER if you even have a chance of survival.

If you know me, you’ll say, “Oh, Jesus Christ PA.  Here she goes AGAIN…”

If you don’t know me, and read my Drive-By(s), you will say, “Oh Jesus Christ!!! What the HELLLLL is this place??? I WANT MY MOMMMMMMEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!”

I should throw out the pack of cigarettes I bought last night, but it feels soooooo good to have (so far just one) of them with my morning tea.  Idiot PA.  

That single one just made my chest feel like someone lighting a match.  That match was to try and start kindling wood for a campfire.  

That campfire was for an Eight Generation Family Reunion.  It was miraculous they were all still alive and showed up.  

Therefore, they all needed a nice, cozy seat around that campfire. None of them cared if the smoke literally blew straight in their faces, knocking them backwards and upside down off their chairs. They’d just pick them up again to sit back in front of that huge campfire to stay nice and cozy.

I was away for so long.  I vanished from my Blog, Twitter.  I let personal emails to those who know me in PA Land just sit too. The latter was awful.  It felt like I just hit a big “IGNORE” Button.

I’m now back to Blogging about nothing but my health.  I hated that, and it was one of the reasons I disappeared for so long-even to the point of shutting my Blog down altogether.  Well, obviously I didn’t.

However, at this time, it feels like blogging about all of this, Tweeting as well…it’s almost like the online activity is enabling me.

Moreover, I have enough triggers, and just “things” that enable ME.  It’s so bizarre but I enable myself so often.

Good god.  What was I going to say? *stumbles blindly within memory*  Well, I did just “say” some things on Twitter.

Alright.  Let me give you “The Life of PA While She Continues to Drink Every Day.”

WHOO BOY.  Also, it is important to know that she’s going through Detox and Withdrawal while still drinking.  Yes, you can actually do that.

Here we go:

– Stays in bed and does not move ALL DAY–but must do something?

– My television.  Anime with Subtitles because in English it’s awful! READING…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? MAYBE ONE LINE? That can make the Anime Subs REALLY hard.  I’m surprised the Rewind Button on my Remote Control still works! Anime out the window.  Regular TV? Nothing on and the programming can lick freshly plopped sheep shit.  A movie of my own.  Total Rewind Button again, because I can’t keep up with the plot and what people are saying.

– Actually, a bit of reading: Graphic Novels and Manga are okay, but I reserve them for going out and drinking. Why do I do this? I have no fucking clue.

– I still have my “To Don’t Lists”© but they are COMPLETELY unrealistic.  Therefore, I have reduced them to daily tasks.  I did that one time while still lying in bed.  Does that count as a daily task? While still feeling like the Grim Reaper is coming in 10 minutes?

– Dishes do not get done.  They take up every piece of usable space in my kitchen.  I wash one spoon and one bowl if I need them to eat.  Nothing else.  This lasts forever.  Like washing myself too.  Yep.

– I do not listen to music during the day.  I choose that form of media when coming home from the bar in whatever shape I’m in.  I guess it’s just a “Let’s Keep The Party Going!!!” I have no clue about this either.  And yes, the music is always blasting.

– I forget every.single.thing.  Thank you calendars with reminders on mobiles!!! Unless I forget to put the information in.  #epicepicepicepicDISASTER *wants to cry*

– I’ve shit my pants.  Twice.  Once when I was awake and once when I was asleep.

– I have a very intimate relationship with the bank machine across the street.  I’m just waiting for it to propose with a gorgeous ring!!!

– Two cuttings, one requiring sutures.

– I don’t bother drinking tea (today is the first day in months!) Why bother? I’m just going lie in bed all day.  Time escapes me until…I start to perk up when I usually go out to drink!!! My body now seems in a trap of a pattern of “needing” alcohol? Not good!!! At least I’m not a “Fall Down Drunk.”  Nope.  No injuries to report.

I “think?” that’s enough? I won’t bother getting into more of the Detox and Withdrawal Issues.  No doubt they are playing very big role in this as well as my addiction.

When I’m online, I’m so bloody slow, it takes me hours to respond to a simple email! Time has yet escaped me here? How long have I been simply writing this Post and going on and on…not even proofing or editing at all? About three hours.

This is where I need to vanish yet again.  I’ve spent my entire days and into the evening in PA Land.  Times when I should be trying to maybe get some help.  Some help until I go to my Outpatient Program and then when that is done, Inpatient for three weeks.

Even if I can’t get any, I have to concentrate very hard on my own to fight to do other things.  Like tie myself to my bed! Lock myself into my own apartment, even stop writing here and if I get the musedom, apply it to my own writing.

I’ll be back.  When I can hopefully somehow get some HAAAAAAALLLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!! 

Whether it comes from me, hospital etc.  Even if it’s not until Inpatient, you know PA always Blogs from her Hospital Stays.  She can never resist that. *laughing*

Lots of love to you all,

I finally got a chance to mess around with some product today.  There were some folks who wanted pics, but what the hell, here’s the Bishounen? Or at least one thing I can do?

The First Attempt or Version of Bishounen PA!

So, there you go.  Comment at will.  Good, bad, I won’t take offense.

Alright.  So I’ve flaked from work and I’m now looking at some Bishonen Images on Google.  That’s because I’ve decided I want to get my hair cut and look like an Anime/Manga character.

I just came across this, and yeah, if pictures could speak…a lot more than a thousand words?

Or for those of you out there who really know me, just a few or no words at all? You might laugh or just shake your heads and say, “Sure, sure PA.  Like you think that’s going to shock us after all you’ve…”

Order PA By Mail Now! Free Shipping Included!

Surprise! Good things come in small packages…

I don’t need to look in the mirror to know I need to get my hair cut.  No.  How do I know? When I eat, my hair gets tangled up with all the food that ends up in my mouth.  It’s incredibly annoying.  More than.

Now, it’s gotten so bad, food doesn’t even have to be involved at all.  Nor does the slightest breeze outside.  Nor, me walking and making a bit of a turn in whatever direction.  No.  My hair is now falling into mouth when it simply sit still.

I don’t suspect I’ll be working anytime soon (don’t even go there…) so, I won’t have to go for that “Professional Look.”   The type of haircut I’ve been having done or how long now? While trying to get a… (don’t even go there.)

I want an “Anime Haircut!” No, seriously.  I want to look like an Anime Character! I have had this desire for so long.

However, my hair is really thin.  However, I have a “Hair Guru.”  Really, he is.

I suck at hair (and a lot of other things girly, even though PA can pull off girly.)  I guess she just needs some help.  When I had no damn clue what to do with my hair, and bitching about about other extremely expensive salons, looking at pictures…  Do you know what “Hair Guru” did?

He looked at my face for less then two minutes and said, “Let’s get the party started!” He gave me the BEST haircut I’ve ever had.

My hair is driving me nuts.  Let’s see if we can do something radical and uber-funky.  I think I need it.

Well, I don’t know if I need it.  It just might be something kind of fun or nice? Because those two words are definitely lacking from my life right now.

I don’t know how many of you scroll down far enough to see my current reads.  I haven’t done this sort of thing in a long time (not scroll down far enough to see my current reads.)  Wow.  I’m having some serious (both written and real life) Aspie, literal issues.

No, I’m talking about my ADD, here.  Usually it’s with one book.  If the material is relatively easy, I may only make it through a limited number of pages.  Concentration still not so improved with the Concerta, but better.  However, I can’t devour books like I used to.  Quel, quel, quel drag.

Or, if the book is still relatively easy and I’m really into it, I may tend to bounce all over to see what comes next, skipping hither and yon, even if I don’t like to do that.  I have to go through the book from beginning to end! I’d never understand any of it if I didn’t!

Now? Again, not in a long time.  I’m reading three at once! I’m finding it pretty funny, too.

I usually read when I’ve popped my pills and flop into bed.  Try and relax a bit and help me get to sleep.  Since I’ve got three on the go, I’m now I finding I stare for a fair while, quite indecisive about which one I should pick up.  Last night, I chose the closest within reach!

I wrote in this post that I was now reading three, plus I had bought three new Graphic Novels! I’m trying very hard not to touch those.

So, if you don’t know what I end up fighting with every night, here you go:

“The Boomer Bible” by R.F. Laird
“Speaking of Sadness” by David A. Karp
“Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte

I’m not sure if we could do any sort of “dissection” based upon my choices.  Maybe only this.  Number one: Humour.  Number two: Mental Health.  Number three: Classics.  That’s as far as I think you could go.

My next thought is this, ultimately.  Number one: Humour (being the overall–except, perhaps “pseudo-history?”) Number two: Depression.  Number three: Depression.  Indeed.  The latter two aren’t really so funny at all, are they?

Although, some of the peoples’ quotes of their experiences with Depression are kind of funny.  One guy said that if there was a million dollars across the room, with Depression, you’d never be able to get it.  Depression’s so bad, you just can’t get out of bed, so forget that nice, cool million.  Well, I think back on some of my worst episodes of Depression, and sure as shit, I’d get out of bed for that amount of money! Probably even less!

So, what can you say about that? Sure, Depression’s awful.  It is debilitating.  However, I would still take money if I became depressed.  Am I a “Depression Gold Digger?”  No.  I don’t think so.  I’ve yet to see my Pot of Gold or any other financial reward when I still get depressed.  I suppose I can keep hoping, but I’d rather avoid Depression altogether and buy lottery tickets instead.

But back to humour in Wuthering Heights.  No, not so much.  Unless you’re quite a sadistic creature and you really get off on storybook character’s pain and misery.

It’s one of my favourite books of all time.  I lost my copy way back so I had to go and pick up another one.  It’s been on my mind so much lately.  Like a “Literary Earworm!” And before you ask, I’m not a sadistic creature who’s getting off on all the pain and misery of it.

Since I last saw Merlin #2 and it was a total disaster, when I left the appt. I decided to go shopping! Does that happen to anyone else when their psychiatrist completely rejects them?

I didn’t actually plan to go shopping.  No, I was just going to go home and…well, I had no clue.  I guess I would have figured out something on the transit ride home.  Or not.

When leaving his office, I found one of those odd places.  Sometimes they call themselves an “Import/Export” kind of thing? Where everything they have is dirt cheap? The goods may be a bit questionable, or sometimes they actually have name brands.

They had a bunch of little bins outside with this and that, and one was full of socks.  I actually need(ed) some new socks.  They were dirt cheap.  They were also a “real” brand! Not that buying socks you need is exactly therapeutic.  Or maybe it is.  I was pleased to find decent, cheap socks that I so desperately needed.  Still, the pleasure was fleeting.  However, I had no idea what to do with myself, time certainly had no meaning, so I went inside to look around.  Then I found these!

Not only awesome but practical.  It is winter here, after all.  Their awesomeness seems to have won me over a bit, though.  I’m wearing them all the time.  Even to bed.  Yes, I am four years-old.

Mr. Skull Makes Me Look Cool. Even If I'm Not.

Don't mess with Mr. Skull.

Now we have another happy hat!

I'll Wear This When We Hang Out More Buddy!

What do you think? Good choice?

These guys didn’t break the bank or anything, either.  I don’t really have a lot of money.

I walked a few more steps and…OH NO!!!

There’s a comic shop a couple of doors down.  Two Words: Imminent Death.

Don’t even bother to try and hold me back when I pass a comic shop.  It’s impossible.  I won’t even give you any metaphors or similes to describe how ruthless (and futile) the process can be.  It’s just plain, old impossible! Even worse than trying to restrain me from entering one, is trying to keep me from leaving with a bag full of something! *hangs head and sighs*

However, I still didn’t really break the bank there, either.  I was pretty good.  I was.  Really! I swear!

I went to the boxes of the 50% off Graphic Novels (you see?) A lot of crap! A lot of repetitive crap! Also, they were squished in there so tight, tight, tight! ALSO, I was too short! I could barely reach to the back and get all the way through! I needed a wee ladder! Harrumph!

I did at least find a couple of things (and not near the back.)  And before I mention anything further, no links! No spoilers! I’m not in the mood.  I have no idea what that means.  Not in the mood to provide links that may be spoilers.  Anyway…

“Unique” by Dean Motter and Dennis Calero.  The full collection of the mini-series.

“The Nevermen” by Phil Amara and Guy Davis.  The full collection of the mini-series.

So, 50% off was okay for two Graphic Novels, right? Uh oh…

I still had more time (as much as I wanted because time still had no meaning) so I continued to look around.  Damn! Damn! Damn! This, I could not resist:

“Ode to Kirihito” by Osamu Tezuka.  It’s about two inches thick and about 800 pages!

I got really lucky, though.  It was on a shelf and has this little flap over the cover.  From so many people pulling it on and off, it was in pretty rough shape.  These shops being what they are (geek heaven!) I asked the guy behind the counter if I could get a discount for damage.  He told me, sure! He knocked it down to 50% off, too!

I don’t know about other places, but in a lot of comic shops here, they charge the U.S. price and not the Canadian.  Then they’ll add our taxes.  This is amazing because the prices can vary incredibly between the U.S. and Canadian for all books.  So, maybe I didn’t really break the bank after all? Maybe I just put a bit of a dent in it?

Although, I may have somehow broken or dented my stupid ADD head.  I’m already trying to read three books (not including these) right now! This purchase may have ended up with more serious ramifications for me than expected.

PA always takes her meds.  Always.  However, she is not in a place to really want to sleep right now and…well, her body is truly a disaster.  What does a MI (Myocardial Infarction) really feel like? Resting BP 96.  That’s a wee close to Tach. but not alarming.  Let me see what my pressure is.  I laughed so hard when I got my cuff.  My arms are so goddamn small, I thought I might get a better measurement from my femoral artery!

Lord Almighty!

And let me tell you, Dr. PA has to practise with her cuff! That valve is a tricky little devil! Now do you see why Dr. PA could never become a real doctor? She can’t even manage to take people’s fucking blood pressure!

My BP has always been within normal range except for when I had the Thermoregulation Disorder issues from my tonic-clonic seizure.  That doesn’t really happen to humans.  No, just “epileptic rats.”  That’s how they discovered it.  Through research.  So, basically, I’m an epileptic rat, and when that occurred, my BP shot up to 150/100.  That was kind of neat.  Again, I’m the typical 120/80 kinda gal.

So, what’s up tonight? The chest pain? Can you “die of a broken heart?” Well, if that’s possible, I’ve come pretty damn close.  I can’t even list all the shit that’s been going on, and if you think you know just by reading this post? Let me tell you, “You don’t even know the half of it!”

Or pick any fraction.  Don’t get me wrong.  I appreciate your care and guestimations.  I do.  In fact, one reason for my chest pain (heart break)…well, more than one reason, maybe you are hopefully reading this post right now! I feel like shit! But I’m not going to mention who you are! Wha???

Excuse me.  I’m anonymous and so are you! Especially if I’m having a MI, physical, emotional or both!

Well, the decision is still up in the air…to sleep or not to sleep…  Dammit! I am med. compliant.  And everyone else should be too.  But I wouldn’t judge you if you weren’t.  I would just say it would be in your best interest.  Definitely mental, and then physical, because…they’re connected.  Crap, look at me.  No.  Don’t.

Hmmm…  I can hear the birds chirping outside.  The sun’s not up yet but they are.  And so am I…still…

Maybe some meds, some food (yeah, forgot to eat again…) and some anime? Maybe? Then I’ll get to sleep when I should be waking up.

Yesterday I met yet another person I know online.  That would be my Twitter pal Canageek! He is cute as a button and quite a gentleman as well! *grins* We had a lot of fun.

Initially, some pub grub for lunch.  Though, before nearly ordering drinks, we had to settle the outstanding issue of how he thought I wasn’t so wee, when indeed I really am.  I told him to feel me.  No, not like that! He was a bit shocked, and agreed with what I had said all along.  Then the entire issue of me needing to gain weight came up.  Minister Canageek: “Go tell it on the Mountain, you are preaching to the Leader of the Choir!”

We took lots of pictures with my camera, and the vast majority are extremely silly.  This is always how it works, anyway.  One person looks fine; the other person looks like a total twonk! We did get a few that turned out alright, though.

After bitching forever about how cold it was, I can not believe that we managed to walk around for the rest of the afternoon! Hither and yon…aimlessly wandering…however.  It wasn’t so aimless? We did actually do things: browsing in lots of shops, poking about, looking at whatever seemed to catch our attention (attention spans long enough, considering we both have AD(H)D.)

Most of the shops were bookstores (new and used), and that was just fine by me! But oh, dear.  Such temptation! I need to be restrained in bookstores! Canageek did a pretty good job of it (thanks hon, I owe you big time!) However, I was looking for a couple of things specifically.  I was so lucky in that I got close enough? Even better that it was used!

It’s a copy of the novel “Emmanuelle” by Emmanuelle Arsan. The entire reason for this, was because I have the first of the three Series’ of the Graphic Novels drawn by Guido Crepax.

Now, if you don’t care to click on those links, I shall try to explain and keep it brief.  I can’t make any promises on that.  Regular readers know I am verbose as hell (translation: rambly as fuck.)  Fuck.  Yes.  A weak segue, but nonetheless.

The written novel was published in 1959 according to Wiki, although my copy says 1967.  Hmmm.  Either way, holy FUCK! It’s basically about a woman’s sexual odyssey and whoo, does she ever take one! Alright, admittedly I haven’t “gone all the way,” as I only have the first copy of Crepax’s drawn versions.  Now, I have the novel, so I can at least pick up where I left off.


So, let’s move on to Crepax.  I had never heard of him, so I will confess that I am not an Art History Major or Museum Curator.  Far from it.  But I like him, so good enough.  After seeing some of his work, I think it’s amazing! My copy (simply named “Emmanuelle I/1”), also includes a few examples of his other drawings.

ASIDE: Let me also add (no shit?) the Emmanuelle Series’ and a lot of his work are not really for minors??? *rolls eyes*

Now, apart from the Emmanuelle-related that I have seen in my book, wow.  His work with his panels? You need to just stop and absorb the overall.  Then you can study a bit more of the content, and then move onto the detail of the content.  So cool.  Also, his drawing is almost paradoxical in nature.  It’s deceptively simple, but upon really looking at it, quite detailed and/or complex.  A feast for the eyes?

There is one drawing that has nothing to do with Emmanuelle in the book and I just love it! Purely for the above reasons, and also for its angular lines.  If books weren’t such sacred objects to me, I’d tear the page out and frame it! I could always make a copy of it?

Also, speaking of “Sacred Books and Texts,” I made some references to being a “zombified,” Jane Austen character on Twitter earlier.  If you read that and it made no sense to you, some people are “bastardizing” her work and other historical novels.  Yes, a sort of “Horror/Literary Mashup.”  I won’t link to any of that stuff, but we thought it was hysterical.

Ah! One thing that I can guarantee none of you know, is that I own Canada.  Yes, it’s true.  I bought a platinum pendant in the shape of an alien from outer space.  As it turned out, its value was off the charts! As a result, I then purchased the Royal Canadian Mint.  It was quite a bargain beyond what immense, personal wealth I held back for myself.  Since I took over the Royal Canadian Mint, I re-worked our entire, economic system.  From there, really quite simple after that!

Imagine.  All in one day.  I forgot to mention the purchase of the pendant and the country’s economy outside of the bookstore browsing.  Oops.  Glad I remembered that!  I am now working on all of our Foreign and Global Interests.  Hey, we were kind of busy yesterday.  I thought anything beyond our Domestic could wait until today.