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Well, I guess I mean blogroll.  For now?

I can’t believe I finally finished it.  It took me four hours.  The other day I left off at “D.”  About 28 gone? Some I had to request invites to.  I was too dumb before so I understand WP now.  But what on this planet do I do to contact someone who uses Blogger for an invite? Does anyone know that trick?

I need to make some other minor changes.  Not right now.  THEN, new additions? Oh, HELL not right now! Also, even if a blog has been dormant for a while (a very long while?) I still leave them as I feel there can be some value in what the person has written.  That may change.  Definitely another “not right now.”

What else have I been up to? Well, I cried a bit this morning.  Huh.  Okay, maybe I can think of one damn good reason for that! Seizure!!! Yep.  Maybe now it’s time to toss around some bogroll.

I haven’t written anything lately about the Clobazam sitch.  I have a (strong) tendency to write on, and on, and on and…regarding the regular events of me being sick.  It doesn’t make for extremely enticing reading.  Especially when things don’t change.  Which is precisely where I sit.  I seem to be at a “Drug Efficacy Impasse.”

My seizure? Right on time you could say.  Check the calendar, sit, be aware of your body, and TA DA!

Don’t dare leave your seats viewers! It’s time for the next episode of “The Typical Absence Status Epilepticus Show!” Simply put, I’m ovulating right now.

I said I’d give all of this business another month.  Why? Because I can’t exactly speed up my cycle.  Nor would I want to! My period every week, or a few days, or something? GAH! No, WAY more than “GAH!”

So, yes.  My Drug Efficacy Impasse.  At least the seizures are only happening with the TASE (which is why I need this drug!!!) They’re not happening at night (as far as I can tell.)  Only during the day is obviously better for keeping track.  They’re not as bad as before (but I’m still having them!!!) I’m still having them when on my period too, right? Just to be clear.  Plus, I’m still not sure of the overall withdrawal effects.  Just to be more clear.

However, at least now my regular dose of 60mg hasn’t lost TOTAL efficacy.  That was one of my most horrific fears once I started taking it again.  That it wouldn’t work at all!

No, it’s still doing its job.  Just not well enough.  That said, sometime in October I will be knocking on Non-Arsey Neuro’s door.  I’ll tell him we should increase it.  By that time, we’ll be moving into five months of this crap!

By continually dragging things out, hoping for the sky to part and bestow upon me some miracle? It’s just causing me further damage psychologically and emotionally.  Ridiculous.

Thank you so much Server Boy, for keeping it alive as always! You made it so much better when I migrated to WordPress! I could get rid of the crappy version I had pieced together myself, on my crappy blog, on crappy Blogger!

Please do not take offense Blogger bloggers.  We all have our preferences.  I just find WordPress much better than Blogger!

So.  What song.  I’d like to play this song, I think. *nods*

“Letting the Cables Sleep” by Bush

OMG.  I never keep up with WordPress, and their Widgets, and what they do, and everything they change…  My blog seems cluttered enough.  I just saw the word “Like” up there where I can access my Dashboard.  A (1) was sitting beside it.  Huh? I clicked on it and it told me I liked a post or something.

I’m an idiot.  I’ve seen the whole “Ratings” business on other people’s blogs, but for some reason, I didn’t think my template had it or…? Mine does, though.  Gee, everyone’s does! *laughing*

So, since I’ve been complaining endlessly that I think my blog sucks these days, I thought it only fitting that I activate this whole “Ratings Concept!”

This should be interesting.

I just tossed an MP3 up.  I’m pretty wired.  I’ve taken my meds…  New Neuro tomorrow.  Angst.

If you read this later after the song has been taken down, “Swamp Thing” by The Chameleons.  One of my all time faves from my youth, and it really is so “me.”

I mentioned in my additional comments section of MP3 of the Moment that I had streamed it on my PA Blog when I was using Blogger.  It might still be there as the song left as PA is still sitting on Blogger! I didn’t want to nuke it as I thought someone might make another PA, so I kept the account valid.  I just shut down any outside access, left a redirect message to find me at WP etc…

EDIT: I was right.  Heh.  Keep reading about the “older PA” on Blogger.

I don’t know if that’s going overboard with some paranoia as I’m not an uber-blogger, but I like being PA.

Wait a minute, that last portion: “…but I like being PA.”  No.  I bloody well don’t at times!

Anyway, maybe I’m sort of coming back to blogging.  Maybe it’s the angst, and being wired about tomorrow? I used to suffer from unbelievable “Doctor Anxiety,” and I even blogged about it here. Also, funnily enough, the links within that post take you back to my Blogger blog that is still there!

That was the greatest thing about migrating to WP.  It automagically brought everything you had created, from your initial blog, with literally one click.  And maybe I was somehow smart enough to leave my Blogger blog up.  The links still go back there.  They don’t link back to a WP page.

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  Maybe I’m coming back to my “addiction” of blogging.  And maybe the meds are starting to hit as I clicked the “Publish” button before I was even done writing this! So now…edit mode quickly?

PA stupid head! Dummkopf!

Again, I always say, I’m not a “Stats Whore” but it’s nice to see I cracked 100,000.  Actually, more than that as my Blogger blog still has some hanging around that didn’t get migrated to WP. *shrug*

Anyway, I don’t know if I’m going to sleep tonight so if any of you aren’t either and are tremendously bored…hey! Hang out here if you feel like it.

Cheers all and again, thanks for reading me.

I just posted on my Blogger blog that I have migrated here.  I was getting comments there and I’m getting them here and I can’t maintain two blogs at the same time.  Yes, I have a very fractured brain (in more ways than one) and can think in (sometimes) multidimensional ways but really, having two identical blogs does not make sense.

So update your blogrolls everyone and I’ll try and get a bit more comfortable in my “new home.”

I might be migrating to WordPress. I’ve kind of hated Blogger ever since I started and I just jumped on it because, well…I saw so many other people using it.

I don’t know.

It might take me an eternity to decide.

Or it might not.

And I’m not sure if it will work. It’s supposed to–so it says. But well, it’s not like I have any Pulitzer Prize worthy stuff on here anyway. However, I do appreciate peoples’ comments and links to their blogs for reference. Even if I had to start over (i.e. if everything sort of *disappeared* into the cyber ether in the process) I suppose it wouldn’t be the travesty to end all travesties.

More change though…


…for now. Like you give a rat’s ass. I swear, I’ve fucking had it with Blogger, computers, whatever the hell is causing all the damn problems. I know, rant, rant and rant some more! Maybe it will make me feel better? Maybe PA is starting to lose it?

I think I need to have some food and lay down for a bit. Or something. We’ve got a big night ahead and I’m still trying to do stuff around the house. Not that people are coming over–we’re going out–but everything still needs to get done around here (because we are going out so much and there’s just not enough time.

I’m not feeling social.

Is It Blogger Or Me?

Ah yes, the eternal question. I’m at home now (so I don’t have the super duper fancy computing abilities of my workplace) and I also installed (well reinstalled) the newer version of Firefox (and yes I am on a PC)

*hangs head*–I want a Mac…

but oh, holy hell(!) I am again not able or barely able to connect with anything (including my own blog), replete with broken images, links, error messages…if I am persistent, things seem to work eventually but it only appears to be with blogs. And not only with Blogger blogs; it seems WordPress blogs aren’t accessible either. By any route. Manually typing urls, search engines…

All other websites seem fine.


It’s the same with IE. Up, down, up down.

Piss off.

…How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? How do you find a word that means Patient Anonymous? A flibbertigibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

So I’ve been noticing that I’ve been rambling a bit during my posts. Forgive me. I’m really wondering if getting some stims will help. Afraid I won’t know the answer to that one for a while.

And more imminently, How do you solve a problem like blogger?! I swear, since they’ve supposedly axed beta and they’re migrating people over to who knows what (I haven’t managed to see a difference although they say they’re making whatever changes to “certain” people slowly…guess I’m a peon) things are an absolute disaster today. Worse than whenever it was a few days ago. I can’t even view peoples blogs properly! So who knows if you’ll even be able to read this let alone comment haha!

Now where were we…yes, The Sound of Music. They always play it this time of year even though it has nothing to do with Christmas. I’ve never understood that. But I do love the word “flibbertigibbbet!” And I do love Julie Andrews too. Actually, I think I had a crush on her as a little girl. Yes, I am willing to publicly embarrass myself on my own blog. I also had crushes on Olivia Newton-John and Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman!) And of course, this was way before I knew anything about my sexuality–I was just a little girl (not that little girls don’t know their sexual preferences, I just didn’t.) Dear me, I was practically asexual until the bipolar hit.

As I got a little older, I developed crushes on “fey” boys. Gee, if that wasn’t a clue? When I was 17, a boy I was dating broke up with me on Christmas Eve because he “thought he was gay.” Of course he was. Oh the irony. I caught up with him later on in my 20s after I had come out and suggested getting together for a drink. He didn’t seem so enthusiastic.

So I got to thinking about attractiveness and who I’ve found “attractive” or appealing over the years and vice versa. I mean, I am by no means beautiful. Somewhere between “cute” and “pretty,” perhaps but by “society’s standards…?” (thank you society for giving us women such a fucked up lens by which to define ourselves…) I don’t know. I just think of myself as painfully average *sigh* I look in the mirror though and think, Would I pick myself up in a bar? Nah, don’t think so!

For a while, many people have thought that facial or bilateral symmetry was the key to attraction. The press really took off with it and all sorts of “documentaries” were made, stories written. I recall seeing them and sort of fell into the trap? But in thinking about all of it today, it made me wonder. It may not be so “simple” as the geometrical designations of the infamous mask that can be applied to one’s face to actually measure the symmetry.

Oooh. Looks spooky, huh?

But that’s not all that’s spooky. Take a look at this site. It’s kind of annyoying so I apologize for that but even in it’s “annonying-ness” it just further demonstrates how scary it is and again, how everyone really took to this whole bilateral symmetry thing. This place made a business out of it. Yikes. Now I am not an advocate of plastic surgery but to take the “leap” of science and use it for your business to remodel people’s faces and then to stuff your pockets after all is said and done with the profits?

Here we have some interesting quoted studies about some work done re: bilateral symmetry and how it may not matter much at all–at least in terms of attractiveness. But wait there’s more! Check out the stuff on how women recognize faces during various phases of their menstrual cycle (both on and off the birth control pill) and some controversial stuff on racial facial (hey that rhymes ha!) recognition.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned over the years it’s simply this: a good looking face (or whatever else suits your fancy) won’t help you at all over the years if you can’t communicate and don’t have at least a few core things in common with the person you ultimately end up with. Looks fade over the years as do a lot of other things that go along with “the physical”…it’s the mental that sustains the relationship.