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Yes, more Bedbug crap.

I can’t get anyone to help me with my apartment that still looks like a garbage dump with all the millions of trash bags all over it.

Could I get anymore frustrated? Oh, you bet I could! I want to take my mobile and throw it across the room until it shatters into bits.  Impossible.  Futile.


When should I attack “The Bags?”

I want to be really, really, really sure there won’t be any problems.  I’m still supposed to wash all the clothes in my closet.

Because I couldn’t get any help beyond doing regular laundry. 

In four days.  Who could do that period?

ASIDE: How do you wash and dry a lovely, wool, winter coat where the length is mid-calf?


So I went to the Building Manager.  We can get this white powder that supposedly is really effective for the stupid, little…

But as I was leaving, he said, “Be SURE to wear a mask.”

Oh, my god.  Where does that rate on the “Pesticide Meter.”

When the real Treatments were done, we had to leave our apartments for four to six hours.  I waited six and was still breathing toxic fumes with a fan and window open.

I have a couple of N95 masks from hospital.  I’ve been put into Iso (the Isolation Department in the ER) four times for pneumonia! Not kidding!

Why Iso? I get fevers so high (104°F?) they don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Even though I do. 

Although, with temperatures that high, you don’t fool around.  Slight increase? Forget Iso.  You’re now in the Morgue. 

Still, on the medical side I am very sick.  People don’t want to risk getting as sick as I am, or put others at risk.

They also need to get into me IV fluids to rehydrate, reduce the fevers, antibiotics, painkillers…  One time it was Morphine. 

That was ordered for the worst time ever.  Pain for the coughing and a way to try and relax the muscle spasms of my lungs. 

It didn’t work but I felt pretty relaxed otherwise.  I wanted to ask the nurse for more since I was pretty confident I’d cough up one of my lungs through the constant tissue damage anyway.  I knew she wouldn’t shoot me up again though.

By that, I mean through a secondary IV Port, set up with a super fast drip for the bolus.  She didn’t cook it up and go straight for a vein.

Oh, yes. A bolus? It’s not something that sounds like your cat or dog puked up.  It’s just a tinier IV Bag.  It would probably have something special in it.  Medically required and used specifically.  And again, probably with a pretty fast drip because they want to get it into quickly.

However, in some emergency situations, they can grab a spoon, cook up fast and shoot you up in a jiffy.  Then, hopefully you’ll be feeling REALLY GOOD.

Certainly a hell of a lot better than you weren’t feeling before.

I emailed my Building Manager about this Powder because I’m not taking any chances.  My Immune System is more messed up apart from the Respiratory business.

The N95 masks are better than the Medical Procedure ones I already have.  I tried to sleep in one when I came home to my toxic garbage dump, but they’re round.  Sure, that’s comfy.

I can sleep in my Procedures because they’re basically flat.  But even then, they can get tossed across the room if they bug me, or I’m having a fitful sleep, bad dreams, who knows.

There are some things I can put away.  Things that aren’t clothing related, stuff treated like all my stationary, other objects. 

I just can’t find them.

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Which is a good thing and a bad thing.  It’s easier to type now (still slowly) but I can use WordPress better.  Terrible on my phone.

However, all the new people I Followed on Twitter? I have to go find their Blogs and put them in my file with everyone else’s. That will be a lot of work.

Then we need to talk about this whole, “Me Having a Stroke” or whatever etc. issues.

And the bright light of a computer.  Even set on the lowest possible end for brightness? It’s still making my eyes, and radiating, ocular area of my head, scream like you could hear from this Post–what country where you live is irrelevant.  My screaming will be equally loud across the globe.


Dammit! I should have used all of that FOR writing the Post about the stroke crap! Oh, well.

When you have a head injury, no matter what type, you’re a little off you’re game.  Or sometimes A LOT.

Which is where I am now.  I sometimes don’t know if I’ve used my eyes too much the day before.  That’s when I wake up wanting to scratch my eyeballs out of my head (but we’ll get to that later.  It’s not so bad now.

I forgot I bought a pair of wraparound sunglasses that fit over my glasses so a very good solution when I need to do things requiring light.  Then, long periods of the black blindfold just eyes closed.

I need some tea now.  Wake up a bit and put the groovy shades on because it’s a lovely summer day.  Too bad I can’t enjoy it! Brief and very safe walking with the cane.  Maybe I could sit outside on my patio but I always try to read!

That is MASSIVE eye work! Even “looking around?” And it’s not photophobia.  That’s the weird thing.  Dark, and protective vision for pain, but not for brightness.

There’s something wrong with my head.  I’ve even got it on paper when I was admitted that an MRI was to be done for a stroke.

Okay, in a really messed up way, you know some of what’s going on? Next, I’ll try and run you through everything that happened.  It’s Classic Stroke Behaviour.  Or something like it.

See ya.

I’m on my way to see my O2 Dude (that would be my Respirologist) now.  I’m out of my mind exhausted.

TEA!!!!! LAND HO! LOOK YONDER TO THE SOUTH!!! A kiosk where I can buy buckets of tea (i.e. millions and millions of treasure chests filled with gold bullion!)

My Respirologist quite impressed me the first time I met him.  That was only once.  Six months ago.

Actually, I met him before that one time.  The above was as an Outpatient Post Discharge.  Before that, I met him in the ER.  That was when they actually admitted me to the Respiratory Department.

I don’t know what visit to the ER it was when that happened.  I’ve actually lost track.  I think it was the fourth but going back just recently, I thought THAT was the sixth 911 call!

The sixth appearance of this idiopathic, stupid, die high fever, cough your guts out, pneumonia.  That won’t stop.

What impressed me so much, is that by simply looking at the x-rays, he’d isolated a/the portion of my lungs that were causing the problem.  Right lung, lower quadrant (roughly.)

I thought that was a way to start off our relationship.  Moreover, he was very sensitive and caring.  Another excellent addition to my current Team.

I have a boatload of comments and questions now.  Only a couple before.  Here they are:

– There’s a vaccine.  My GP can give it to me or you can.  Even though it’s normally used for patients who are 60+years old, I’m in a Special Population, correct?

– Given Symbicort, but I think I do better on Ventolin.

– Hold off on any Respiratory Tests unless emergent.  Stats, levels, capacity done last year.  Need to work on smoking in medical environment, plus what else might be found?

– The Isolated Area.  Lots here!

– Still the same? Changes in localized position? More of lung, or lungs?

– Which tissues are affected? Have more of them become affected? Have any effects changed anywhere else or become worse?

– If there are problems with any tissues are they solely related, or connected to others for a specific formation of functioning? If so, a possible collapse effect to other formations, thus issues with collective functioning?

– No formal diagnosis, but any working hypothesis? Any idea why this keeps happening? It’s all the time!

WHOA.  Not so great a Specialist anymore! Can’t find referral from my GP when she did send one.  Ditto for me to sign off for file transfer. Says I am not presenting him with any evidence of having pneumonia.

This is a normal  thing that happens to everyone.  They all get Upper Respiratory Viruses…

Hang on.  BACTERIAL!!! Well, for me.  Even YOU had to give antibiotics!!!

The high fevers I get? They can only be medically treated? 104°F? Oh, as he sneers, they’re not deathly.  Perhaps they might be for me, as I can get close to the above in one day.

A lovely example for you? Just to demonstrate the fact that it might be a problem?

Says to self: I think I’ll go to bed now.  Hopefully the coughing won’t be so bad…”  The least of my worries is when my temperature continues to rise while I’m asleep.  And I don’t wake up?

For the love of whomever!

It’s not only an emergency if a baby’s temperature starts to rise to a high degree quickly.  It’s just as much an emergency for an adult.  The only difference is cause/reference and effect/outcome–some of which can even be the same.

I am now going to extremely angrily run back to my GP.  Clearly? She knows more about this than anyone!

She’s also very Pro-Specialist which is a sign of a wonderful GP.  She is very aware of what is within and without her scope both as a Physician and what she already knows.

Meaning: despite a firm grasp of a problem area, it would be best to have it treated by someone who only works in that area.

Even still, she knows so much more regarding me, and my problems, that sometimes require Specialists.  We’ll talk and she’ll be all over my brain and body.  STAT!

And did I fail to mention this little piece of information? I called her office one day as I had a concern.  Could the information get passed on? I think she should know.

2100hrs.  I get a call.  She just had to put her kids to bed before she could get back to me.  Okay.

I can’t believe what she’ll do for me, and everything she already has.

I’d take a bullet for her.  Not just because I love her so much, but she needs to remain on this planet.

Thank you for reading. Do you feel ill now?

I’m sick as hell and my chest is on fire. 

I did not think this a serious problem, because I was having diarrhea all over the place.  I also wanted to barf, but being a professional emetophope, of course that did not occur.

Check temperatures, as I started to better after only a few sips of water to a half bottle to try and rehydrate somewhat.

When I get sick, all lactose and sugars are out the window.  That’s a problem.  Not much I can put in me–even if I want to eat anyway.

My Immune System says to any Virus or Bacterial Infection I get, “Yea! Let’s keep this party going guys!!!”

Apparently my invitation was delivered to the wrong address, or if I got one it wasn’t printed correctly.

Why am I simultaneously freaking out and getting angry? The temperatures I’ve been taking.  Today it went from a degree above normal.  Now it’s 101°F.

Oh, big deal, take something to lower it.  I can try and I am, but once it starts moving (and very fast!) to 102°F…103°F…  I’m cooked.

Bad pun with burning lungs.  Sorry, completely unintentional.

It will eventually get near to 104°F by my thermometer even if it differs by a degree by the paramedics and/or hospital.  Moreover, the problems still exist.

One fun problem is being placed in Isolation.  They have no clue what’s going on with you for certain, therefore get the person away from everyone else!!! She could be septic with some kind of something!!!

However, mentioning sepsis is a good thing.  A fever at 104°F or getting to it or possibly over it means, “I could die.  Even right this second.  Would it be too much trouble for you to monitor me?”

I think one time I was getting close 105°F.  I couldn’t get a proper read as I continued along.  That’s nuts!

Kids, if this happens it will be the FIFTH time!!! Over the course of 2-3yrs. O_o

During the last time, I was actually admitted to the Respiratory Department.  I have a wonderful Specialist there.  The last time wasn’t too long ago.  Let me be a bit of a puzzle for him this time, should I end up there again?

I fucking sleep either.  This always happens too.   Well, just take my meds anyway and wake up in perfect condition.

First, I can make Blog Posts via my Mobile, second, responding to it and Twitter stuff doesn’t work so well and third:

I’m now part of the orgy!!!

I think we all know of the Government’s collusion between Tobacco Companies and so much more. 

Also, I am in no way a conspiracy theorist.  A UFO could land on my head and I’d be quite pleased with that.  Even better if they took me away from this planet.

Way back in uni, of course we were all living in poverty.  Kraft Dinner and shitty Ramen packets that cost $0.25 day after day.  And yet, how did we always have loads of alcohol on hand? To party EVERY NIGHT?

Never mind.

One thing we always had a hard time obtaining were cigarettes.  With all of that partying and drinking going on, they really cramped the bank account.  Or pile of cash if you didn’t have one.

So what really helped us were these little packs of smokes that we actually nicknamed, “Poverty Packs.”. They had 15 cigarettes in them and were dirt cheap compared to a full pack.

Not to mention, Ultra-Cute.

So, out I am and a guy I know buys…A POVERTY PACK! I didn’t even know they existed anymore.  Although a lot different from years gone by.

Over many years, Health Canada got on a real kick about smoking being so bad for you.  They started putting icky pictures of people dying and body parts being destroyed on all packs to try and stop people from smoking.

Then, for some reason they took away all the lists of ingredients on each pack of cigarettes, in measurements per brand.  I don’t know why.  Listing all the crap could also aid in someone quitting? Not.

Maybe a “retaliation” from the Tobacco Companies! Huh?

We can get access to “Native” Cigarettes too.  People can in the U.S. as well.  These are from Native Reserves (aka Indian but not PC to use that term!) However, this is a “Highly Illegal Practice.”

Everyone does it though.  A carton for $30.00? You tell me.

Back to my “Poverty Pack” I just bought.  And joining the orgy.  They are $2.00 more than the cheaper brands here.  I just about died.  And there is NO WAY about them being a novelty feature.

The Government wants everyone to stop smoking? I think not.  And the Tobacco Companies sure as hell don’t.

Here I am, drinking in my local pub, and an older (and very sweet) man and I went for a cigarette.  We’ve had many great discussions about so many things in life.

I asked him, “Could you keep this under your had?” while I played with the hat he was actually wearing.

He said, “What?” as I kept pointing to the inside of the pub.

Anxious response: “Just between you and me?”

“Sure! Anything!” he nearly shouted.

Well, shouted as an old man who might be able to shout.  One who had a voice like road construction going on in his lungs from smoking three packs of cigarettes a day–although he didn’t–not that many.

And who am I to judge? I always end up smoking when I drink too. I’m seeing my Respirologist on Wednesday.  Uh, okay…

I told him that I was going to start attending AA Meetings.

Well, throw my Alcoholic Ass through the pub window! He’d been going for years to AA (with relapses.)  The same place too! It’s within walking distance from where I live as well.  Uber-bonus.

I’m not sure when I’ll start.  I’m not making an excuse for not starting.  My empty schedule has now become so unwickedly busy again.  I have to balance appointments here and there, where and when…

I write it all on this calender I’ve stabbed on my closet door with a pushpin.

NOTE: Stabby, Stabby feels good!!!

It’s completely multi-coloured by huge, permanent ink markers where I’ve written things.  Then, I have to colour over something else with another colour.  It’s a total mess.  It’s bleeding through all the paper as well.

Whatever.  I have bigger worries.  I guess I sometimes worry if I can read my calender.

Hang on.  That is a big worry.  My mobile! But having it in working order is a HUGE WORRY.

I’ve been seeing a Counsellor from a Hospital for a bit now. Neither of us knew why.  She didn’t know who referred me and I had no clue either.

She just called me on the phone in a quandary asking if this was: “My Name.” I said: “Yes.” She then followed: “Do you know why I’m calling you?” To which my response was: “No!”

This gal is awesome! After that very brief introduction to each other, we were both, “What the hell, and who are they? I’ve never heard of them! Wanna meet anyway?”


So we sat and chat and laughed and I can’t find a word that rhymes with that.  Daft? Considering the above, that would fit?

Tomorrow, I am going to “fill out some paperwork.”  Okay.  For what, I have no idea.  I guess someone out there to do with this Organization she works for, is gonna get me help me to…?

…somehow get, or somewhat, or some kinda way of getting mountains of shit sorted out in my life.

Whether that’s actually possible I seriously ponder.  Quite seriously.  Extremely.  Yeah, you get it.

Okay, we’ll have a happy appointment tomorrow, and see what I get served on a paper Silver paper Platter?

I mentioned earlier on Twitter (before my phone died) that I wanted to drink myself to the point to physical injury.  A bit tongue in cheek, a bit brain hammering all over everywhere.

Does that count as physical? I didn’t count it as physical.

I broke my one week of sobriety due to certain certain cercumstances that made me want to fall all over the place and not care what the hell of a fuck I did to myself.  But I should care.  And I do.  But goddam motherfuck I’m honestly too tired to swear and rather still keep drinking and fall all over.

Why a week?

My program to get sober.  Hopefully.  Or at least to get some serious help.  Real help.  Three weeks Inpatient in hospital but if I can’t stay sober for a week I get tossed into Detox.

I don’t wanna drink.  But triggers or even…maybe none make me want to.  That’s why I need help.  My drinking has destroyed so much in my life and my GP and I finally found an amazing treatment program!

But now here I am still drinking from a huge trigger…excuse me while I have a drink and a cigarette…

Smoking isn’t so great for me either with the drink, but my Respirologist is so amazing.  Sweet and kind when I cry, and has found the portion of one of my lungs that is causing the obscene pneumonia that gets me thrown into Isolation, now four times in hospital.  We’re doing tests.

What do they say? “You can never trust an addict?” There are other types of behaviours that make you wary and frightened as well.  Can you trust the people that engage in those behaviours too?

I can’t and I won’t.  I’d rather let me kill me, than them kill me.

Thank god I’ve got a day to recover from this toxic, remind-me-from-uni-total-time-to-flake-because-you-drank-a-full-keg-of…

Before I see my Therapist.

Bedridden. Again.
I saw Sweetie GP today.
Rest. Rest. Rest.
Pneumonia. Pneumonia. Pneumonia.
Rest. Rest. Rest.

I’ve postponed everything I am/was attending/had to do.  I know I have Comments here as well.

Zombie Answer?

Will WordPress on my mobile FINALLY work?

No.  Not at all.  I’ve had the most painful and…  It would make you cry! Virus or Bacterial Infection for about 10 Days now.

However, it feels more like 18.  Or a little less?

But the bitch of it is, it’s gotten WAY out of control.  WAY.  WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY! The only things I can put me are clear things.  No solid things–even of these are beverages.

I always have to eject sugar and lactose or things (get worse.)   I have seriously ejected but now, but I don’t think there’s much of my stomach or my entire gastro system is left.  Definitely my lower bowel and colon! Actually, I’m taking Buckley’s Complete and it is burning a hole as well.

I’ve called and a doctor will be coming to see me.  ETA late afternoon into the night.

Yes, we have a service where I live where you can get “House Calls.”  Oh, yeah! I can’t move, when I walk I’m dizzy and have almost fallen down completely.

Okay, you got the picture.  Even writing this is killing me.  I had to wait until I sent an email to my mother.  Fucking Ridiculous.

P.S. I wonder if I got this from the guys who treated my place for bedbugs.  The fumes didn’t go away until at least the next day.  Eep! My Immune System is shit compared to others anyway