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First, I’d like to say a MASSIVE “THANK YOU!” to all of the new people–and all the others–the “old?.” *laughing*

But thank you so much for all of your new Blog Follows, your Post Likes, and Twitter Follows as well.  I am not boasting or trying to sound vain.  I never do that.  Unless I’m writing so crazily (or not?) about something, it might come across that way.

The point I’m trying to make, is that there have been so many of you.  I can’t keep track! My Inbox can get flooded and I can’t check all of you out! I want to, but on the mental market? I’m not the latest cyborg for sale.  I’m used and a refurb where the Techs didn’t do such a good job.

So I’m sorry for that.  However, I do have everything neatly organized and filed.  I can find all of you, so when I get… *sighs*

My blog sucks, as of late too.  I have a theory about all of you new people; why you’re flying all around my head, then eventually landing straight on it!

NOTE: I am in no way comparing my New Followers like any annoying insects.

My theory is, you are stumbling upon Posts from the past.  You read them, and think, “Hey! This chick’s really groovy ‘n keen ‘n lots of other ‘n stuff.   Or ‘n AWESOME one! This chick’s really out there ‘n I have no clue what sort of person but I’m kind of confused ‘n scared ‘n so curious ‘n at the same time…”

You latter folks are the bravest of all.  It’s like a, dare in your mind to nail me on my Blog, upcoming Posts and new Twitter jazz.

As far as Posts from the past, and how many of you “old guys” are perhaps still around?

I know I put a lot of you through a lot of shit! I know people have given me online defenestrations! I probably deserved it.  Then, there are all of those who have done the same–I just haven’t known about it.  Anonymous Defenestration! 

Me being tardy? My MacBook is totally screwed, so I just tried to replace some things on my Sidebar. Then, for some reason all of my months of blogging became a list!

That proves it.  A little tardy but this blog’s been up for eight years.

Supreme Insanity.

I’ll still keep blogging though.  In doing that?

Beyond Supreme Insanity.


Who is the artist, and what is the title of this song based upon these lyrics:

Woman please be gone
You’ve stayed here much too long
Don’t you wish that you could cry
Don’t you wish I would die.

Seamy, seesaw kids
Childwoman on the skids
The dust will choke you blind
The lust will choke your mind.

I kiss the floor, one kick no more
The pig and hose have set me free
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree.


I kiss the floor, one kick no more
The pig and hose have set me free
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree.

The inner city birthed me
The local pusher nursed me
Cousins make it in the street
They marry every trick they meet.

A dime, a dollar they’re all the same
When a man comes in to bust your game
The turn key comes, his face a grin
Locks the cell I’m in again.

I kiss the floor, one kick no more
The pig and hose have set me free
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree
I’ve tasted hate street’s hanging tree…

Good luck!

Oh, the prize? Me!

Random Fun, Everyone!

Does that mean I have to go first? ‘Geez, doesn’t this suck? We all have 1,000,000,000,000 “Favourite Songs.”

Okay. *pops over to iTunes*  Oooh! I have to remember the “why” part.  Yes.  Which reminds me, MP3 Of The Moment is still “DEAD.” I can’t play my song.

However, it may be only temporarily DEAD.  baby MacBook is dying on its own.  Resurrection of MP3 Of The Moment then??? All fixed with baby MacBook v.3.0?

Mine? “Find The River” by R.E.M

I have played this song so many times, I’m surprised the CD it’s on (“Automatic For the People”) still works!

Me.  Depressed.  I’m never going to get where the hell I need to go.  Also, any song that has the word “Vetiver” in it? C’mon!

I seem to have picked up some new readers and I don’t know what they’ve read, how much they “know” about me etc.  So, I thought this might be of help.  Hey, it may still help some people that have been reading me for who knows how long!

1. What is one thing currently within arm’s reach right now?

Wow.  The bed/office/closet/pharmacy is getting out of control again! So, let’s go with a hand held flashlight.  No batteries required.  Just wind it up.  Excellent for me wandering around at night, stumbling all over, and not falling flat on my face with each step I take.

2. What is (one of) your favourite book(s) you own?

How can I even ask myself and answer that?! Alright, it was given to me by my friend P.  It’s a hard cover and about 2″ wide and 12″ in length! It has (I believe) everything Shakespeare ever wrote.

3. What is something you cannot do?

Make balloon animals.  Actually, I can’t even blow up a balloon! I have no idea why.  I try to push hard and blow, blow, blow but pfft.  There goes my future of ever being a clown.  Except for using my “natural abilities” to still do it in life.

4. What is the scariest, most frightening thing, you have ever seen?

ME!!!  Well, let’s not discount it!

I have severe arachnophobia, and while lying in bed reading, waiting for my sleep meds to kick in…AHHHHHHH!!! I saw quite the sizeable spider crawling around on top of my duvet.  I caught it in a tissue, and stomped all it over almost 50 times it to make sure it was dead.  I was terrified to go to sleep for the rest of the night.

5. Have you ever met anyone famous? If not, would you like to?

I wouldn’t know anyone famous, even if they walked right up to me and punched me in the face.  However, after my nose stopped bleeding, I might realize who they were.  If so, I’d probably ask them for an autograph.  Then, I’d ask if I could  them back in their face.

Actually, I have met one famous person.  Peter Murphy, post-Bauhaus.  Very quiet and polite.  Inquiring body types want to know? Yes! He IS that skinny!

6. What is your favourite Aspie Stim Toy?

Awww, come on! This is just like the book one! I will go with newest acquisition.  It stands on a base where there is the battery component.  Two AAs.  What stands there? It’s like this crazy, heavy, obelisk but still flat on top.  It’s clear with all of these sea creatures cut/engraved inside.  They’re really tiny, though.

The base has several different LEDs that change colour.  Then they shoot them all through the obelisk thingy!

Right now I have it on top of a bookshelf that is fairly high to the ceiling.  WHOO HOO! Even more groovy since the light bounces off both the ceiling and the walls.

7. Standard or Automatic Transmission?

Oh, standard for sure! More fun, I’ve even speed shifted a few times.  For those that don’t know, basically, shift into a higher gear without using the clutch and timing only.  Otherwise, no clutch? Grind your gears terribly.

Also, you have more control so you can (at times vs. other cars) go faster.  Moreover, you want control? If your “stuck” in a mess of something, by shifting back/forth, in/out…you may get yourself out of a bad spot.  No promises, and it may take a lot of time and patience.

An automatic may be useless or worse! Keep spinning your wheels and you’ve now dug yourself deeper into the snow, mucky-slippy-hole or whatever.  I’ve done it.  Trust me.  Every car I’ve owned has been a standard–until I got my last–a Volvo. *misses Volvo*

Nonetheless, this is all kind of a moot point for me.  With MY epilepsy, I’ll never be able to drive a car for the rest of my life! Well, maybe those “Bumper Car” things at amusement parks.  But I don’t even like them anyway!

8. Coke or Pepsi?

Are you kidding me? Coke all the way! It’s a stimulant, so it would be awesome for my ADD! Rather expensive to keep using it though.  If I bought it, I’d probably get busted by an undercover…oh…you mean…

I don’t drink pop except gingerale when tummy’s not happy.  Fizzy water is nice too (with a slice or wedge of lime, always!)

9. What really gets under your skin and makes you extremely annoyed?

People with no manners! Get your head out of your ass and think about being kind and decent to other people.  It’s not as difficult as you think.  Oh, wait.  Your head is up your ass.  If you ever pull it out so I can tell you how easy it is, you won’t hear me because your ears are completely packed with shit!

10. What is your most prized possession?

I’m not really into material possessions.  I heard this one expression from someone years ago: “If you break it or lose it and can’t afford to replace it? Don’t buy it.” *smirks*

My most “prized possessions” are gifts that people have given me.  I’m sentimental.  Someone giving me a gift, is simply a gift itself.  Just the thought about doing it means so much to me.  It doesn’t even matter what the gift is! I could be out with someone and they could be scribbling on a matchbook cover.  Then, they want to give it to me.  Thank you!

11. You’re rumoured to be a “hat person.”  Which one is your favourite?

Oh, I love them all.  Although, for some reason, I always end up wearing my black beret.  Or this cute little corduroy one.  I have a Greek Sailor’s Hat.  Wear that one more often? They’re all still black, though!

I do have a “Raspberry Beret.”  Official Canadian Forces from a certain period in history.  I just don’t have anything to pin on the front! If I could find something, I’d wear that more.

12. What’s missing in your life that you think would make it better?


Well, it looks like I’m officially back blogging.  At least I think I am? Or maybe? I don’t know. *shakes head*

One thing I do know, is that when I wasn’t writing, I certainly needed to take care of this if/when I came back.  Another thing I know exactly at this moment (regardless of my blogging state) is I definitely want to write something to hopefully offset that doozy from last night! That wasn’t a very “happy” post.

So, thank you very much to Svasti for this wee, blogging award.

Thank you Svasti!

Thank you Svasti!

I have added it to my sidebar along with others that I have received.  At least with this one, I remember who gave it to me! The others? Oh, my.  Just to prove I have remembered, I have added a “Thank you” hover!

This award came with “attachments.”  Sorry, bad joke.  I am supposed to pass it along to five people.  I am awful at doing this and memes, as well.  I think I still have two outstanding memes from a year ago.  One may be floating around on a scrap of paper where I think I answered the questions, at least.  So, please pardon me whoever sent that one.  Maybe partial points for trying?

I’m going to go back to all of my other awards received, and create hovers for those, now.  Even though I’m not quite sure who gave them to me.  So, pardon me if I get you wrong! Some may remain as blank as the expression on my face as I’m writing this, if they really stump me.  Please feel free to let me know if I get anything mixed up and I’ll fix them.

The title for this actually applies to…well, at the very least, three things in my life at this precise moment.  Oh man…

Wait a sec’…I’ve been screwin’ so I need to take a breather…and no, not that kind of “screwin’.”  However, that could add a fourth thing currently where the title may apply? I’ll just leave that be as it seems pretty obvious.  Be right back.  Check on laundry, go for a cigarette. *laughing* I find that so cliche, you know? That whole “cigarette after sex,” thing.  Well, whatever floats your boat.

Un petit moment s’il vous plait? Not that you’ll notice as you’ll still continue reading.  And not that I care to note if I’ve spelled that correctly as I’m simply pulling such basic French out of my completely fried brain.  You can tell it’s fried as I’m totally rambling about nothing and I haven’t even gotten to what the hell this post is even about.  Now I’ve probably completely lost your interest altogether.  Let’s just say it’s been one Super-Deluxe-ADD-Day for me!

Okay, screw the laundry.  It can wait.  Laundry always waits around PAs Pad. Heh, heh, heh.  I just said “screw,” again.  Fuck me, I sound like either Beavis or Butthead.  I also just said, “Fuck.” Hmmm…alright, not gonna go there.

So, the “urgency” of the above title.  The first thing is that last week while I was at Merlin #1 and then had some other running around to do, a woman called about a job.  I know! She wanted to do a telephone interview.  Fair enough.  Probably a “first round” sort of deal.  No problem! Put me through your paces! Just give me a job! Well, I’ve been calling back for three days now and I’m going bonkers!

As you can probably garner from the italics, she has not called me back.  I am almost starting to develop a nervous tic or some kind of facial twitch every time I think about it–which is roughly every 45 seconds that I am awake.

The second, “Oh, Come On Already!!!”(?) Well, I don’t know how many of you caught this little missive I wrote not long ago but it completely illustrates my absolute shameful and embarrassing behaviour at being given four blog awards and having done nothing about it. I couldn’t even remember how long ago it was since all of these lovely honours had been bestowed upon me.

I should not be allowed to walk the earth.

Now, Darling Margo has given me another one! AHHHH!!!

So, about my “screwin’.” If anyone has floated past in the last couple of hours I have been doing nothing but trying to mess around with my Widgets! When I moved over to this template from Garland, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of it.  The Widgets were one thing.  I couldn’t manipulate the Text ones but HA! Victory! It may be a small one but I finally figured out why they weren’t taking my line breaks.  So at least things are perhaps looking a bit better with those as things aren’t so squishy in some areas and there is more space to read what I’ve written.

And speaking of space.  Space indeed! I do have a lot of white space on this blog! So adding the award badges will no doubt be a good thing (ugh…don’t know if I can do it tonight folks…sorry!) I’m also considering some other ideas.  My blogroll may need an overhaul.  I may also add more people to it.  Wow…I don’t even know what is happening with the rest of blogland these days.  I’m not sure what else but who knows? I have managed to also free up some more Text Widgets as well, so that is definitely a good thing.

The third “Oh, Come On Already!!!”(?) I have done absolutely nothing regarding job applications, nothing of the sort today.  Crap.  I’ve just been “Screwin'” and “Fucking” with my blog.  Oy.  PA! Where are your priorities???

I blame the ADD (at least for today?)

Oh.My.God. *PA hangs head in shame* This really is pitiful.  Pathetic.  No, beyond.  I was given a whack of blog awards so long ago and…ahhhhhh! When I just went to grab all of the .jpgs I couldn’t even look at the dates.  Well, except for one because I couldn’t find it–no search box or anything on the blog.

Now, this is the weird thing too.  Is our wee community a bit incestuous? Or was there just a lot of PA Lovin’ going on a while back.  No, it’s kind of funny as there are two people that gave me the same award once and two different people gave me another award and one person gave me two awards.  And one person gave me one award.  Confused yet? Me too.

Lordy.  I hope I got them all! If someone else out there gave me one, puh-leeze let me know! I have been so completely ungracious and rude to these people already!

So, apologies again as I can’t remember what order they all came in but this is the lowdown:

Both Catatonic Kid and Immi gave me the “Brilliante Weblog” for 2008. It’s funky and has a nice prism on it. CK called me her Samurai too and I like that. *grin*

Both Beartwinsmom and TitaniumRose gave me the Arte y pico award.  According to TitaniumRose it means: “The Best, Over the Top, Wow!” Beartwinsmom described it as something that displays: “Creativity, Design, Interesting Material and Overall Contribution to the Blogging Community.”

Whoa.  Can you feel the PA Lovin’ yet? Good grief!

Pessimistic Idealist gave me the “Kick Ass Blogger” title. I don’t think that requires any further explanation?

Which now takes us back to Immi up there! She also gave me the “Marie Antoinette!” This is given to someone who is supposedly “real.” I would suspect that means someone who is down to earth, sincere, honest, things like that. Not some kind of apparition?

Now, I don’t think with all of these I can start handing them out to a bunch of other bloggers! There are four of them! However, I think I will give all of them to darkentries. He needs more colour on his blog. Yes.

So I’ll try and get these up on my sidebar…erm…well, a bit quicker than it took me to actually blog about receiving them? So come back in a few months? *laughing*

darkentries has tagged me with two the wee, sneaky bum. Lordy, I’ll have to think of some kind of dastardly payback! So I guess I’ll work backward as I tend to do a lot of things that way anyway. Indeed. Because I am that completely disorganised and loopy.

The deal with this one is:

You are in a mall when zombies attack. You have:
1. One weapon
2. One song blasting on the speakers
3. One famous person to fight alongside you.

Alright, then.

Well, for number one, I don’t need ANY weapons for I am the PURPLE nin-JAH! My powers alone (almost…) can defeat all zombies everywhere known to man! Every zombie known to all other wordly, planetary beings, in fact! Which logically includes every zombie known to other zombies. If they can know anything because they are zombies–hence they are kinda “zombified,” right?

Number two. My song. What inspires PURPLE nin-JAH to kick everyone’s ass before the blink of an eye? Before they can see her tiny shadow cast upon any area remotely within their vicinity?

Why, “Copacabana (At the Copa)” by Barry Manilow of course!

Really, now. Were you thinking of “Kung Fu Fighting?” Please… That is sooo passe…

And finally, number three. Well, regarding my “almost alone ability,” I only need my nin-JAH partner in crime! That would be another person that my wee, sneaky, bum up there tagged: …salted lithium.

So, who shall I tag?

I’m going to go for Catatonic Kid because with a name like bloody “Catatonic?” Hey, “Zombie Girl!” Just kidding, my dear…

Next, It’s All About the Walls, although I’m not sure if the blogger is…? I haven’t been by in ages and just checked. A post made quite a while ago but I tagged anyway. I think she’d be right into it. Total Zombie Fan, that one.

Anyone else as my wee, sneaky, bum did three. Ah, I know. My new, “Banter Buddy.” Pessimistic Idealist. That should do it.

Oh dear. I have four…yes four outstanding memes. One goes all the way back almost to the summer? Or was it the fall? Good heavens. I think I may do them backwards? Or…well, I think two of them are similar or kind of combined so… *PA shakes head*

So Finding the Light in the Darkness tagged me with this one. There are five topics/questions and then you have to tag five people. Alright.

Five Things Found In My Bag:

Well first off, this would be my knapsack or rucksack. I don’t carry a purse so let’s make that clear. I almost went to go check it now but I realised that would be futile. Right off the hop, I’m already having problems with this meme.

  1. My migraine meds–I’ve been getting far too many so I can’t leave home without my Maxalt/Rizatriptan (and by extension the Domperidone/Motilium for daytime nausea.
  2. Tampons. Well, come on! That’s also kind of a necessity, right?
  3. Erm…this is where I either run into problems or I could shoot you a load of bull. Let’s just say I don’t know. It could vary from between what I need for the day or what I need but have forgotten or it starts off empty and then it gets full as I pick something up or stays empty because I forget to pick up what I need or maybe it has my brolly in it because it’s going to rain or it doesn’t have my brolly and it does rain and I’ve forgotten it and then I get wet or maybe I don’t because I have a hat or a jacket with a hood and that’s alright unless I don’t… Welcome to ADD.

Five Things Found In My Room:

Argh! I hate my flat. It’s like my entire flat IS my room. Oh, whatever…

  1. French Doors. Actually I really like French Doors but I can’t use them as they are for my bedroom and my bed takes up basically the entire room!!!
  2. My bed. I know, this is rather obvious and completely unthrilling but I only mention it because of all the “rollicking fun” we had about going mental (or even not being mental) and the whole issue of bed making habits. The “Nutcase Bed Poll” is still up! Maybe I’ll leave it there forever?
  3. Two antique stereos. Actually, I really like antique stereos. One belonged to my grandparents and the other one I bought. Both are functional. The one I bought actually runs off radio tubes. Neato, eh?
  4. A round ceramic jar with a cork that says: ‘Eye of Newt’ on it. *PA laughs* I got it from a friend as a birthday gift many years ago.
  5. A small pair of bongos. I can’t play the bongos! I bought them when I was completely (hypo)manic. You tend to buy strange things when you are (hypo)manic.

Five Things You Have Always Wanted To Do:

  1. I LOVE primates. *PA waves to chimpy laughing* No, really. I want to hold one and spend time with one BEFORE.I.DIE. A chimp would be the best but I’d take an orangutan too. Hell, any one!
  2. Can a do-over count? And kind of a continuation? I would love to go skydiving again and then take it up as a regular sport/hobby. I thought about it after my first jump but it is so terribly expensive!
  3. Experience anti-gravity. I know. There is a bit of a trend here? I’ve always wanted to be able to fly like a bird. Ever since I was a child.
  4. Go SCUBA diving. And with a camera of course!
  5. Meet Oliver Sacks! Oh, my! Oh, I would love to talk to him! I’d probably sound like such an idiot but that would be just so great! Erm…I mean to talk to him; not to sound like an idiot.

Five Things I Am Into Right Now

Oh, dear. Well, my life’s a little messy right now sooo…

  1. Meds And Heads–like that will ever change, right?
  2. Fiddling with MacBook to try and amuse myself…
  3. Watching more of my anime as above and because I’m feeling so brain dead.
  4. Writing but I’m not really feeling motivated at all to do that right now
  5. Drinking lots or Earl Grey and trying to get my life back on track.

Five People To Tag:

Good grief. They’ll all probably say, “Get on your bike, PA! I’m not doing your bloody meme!” I know, I know… I’ve been so sucky and arsey and haven’t been reading anyone. And lately? Well, things have just gotten uglier as any of you “regulars” know. As always, participation is not mandatory.


Cracked Head Blog because he just nailed me with another meme the other day. No offense, darling. Just funsies.
darkentries because he needs something to do with his time. Just kidding sweetie.
Invisible Emma because she was unreal and read my entire blog. So have some fun with this one honey!
It’s All About the Walls who I love dearly but probably can’t stand me anymore because I’ve dropped off the earth and haven’t read her blog either! I’m still here, dear.
The Knifeman (aka DrShroom) who is/may be one of the few med bloggers that still reads me? I love him too.

So there. At least one meme down. Whew.

I was tagged for a musical meme here from damewiggy. But I’ll get to that. Interestingly enough, my next post was going to be musically related anyway.

Now we all know how to get “free” (ahem, cough…) music. But how great is it when the artist(s) actually offer it up to you to download it right from their sites? Hey, here’s my music! Just take it!

I finally got around to watching the third DVD if the lot that I rented nearly a month ago. Unbelievable. Thank goodness for no late charges with returns anymore. Otherwise it would have cost me who knows what?

So the last was “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance.” It was quite good. Sort of the typical theme for the Asian genre–you’ve totally screwed me over and boy am I going to get you back. Badly. Oh, you are going to pay dearly!

Now, I am not usually one to pay attention to soundtracks. It’s enough for me to pay attention to the plot! And even more so when the movie is subtitled–as this one was. But as the film began with its opening credits, I was stunned. I was immediately taken aback and was actually paying attention to the music.

After it was done, I attempted to find any bits of it online. No luck. Well, here’s the reason why. You can download the entire thing from the film’s website! And this film was released in 2005! It’s all still there. But I suppose that’s fine as you can still rent it?

The soundtrack is mostly adaptations of works by Vivaldi but there are some other pieces there as well. If you want it, take it, I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be disappointed. I will stream one of the songs from it.

Here’s the link.

When the site fully loads, click on media and the zip files are there in four parts.

The second freebie site that I stumbled upon a while ago is from a group called Positively Dark. I don’t know if anyone out there has heard of them but I will stream something by them as well. They say that they are “techno” but I disagree. There are some “throbbing” beats and some sort of electronic background sounds but in some of the songs, there is piano playing that pretty much verges on New Age? I will stream something like this, simply to demonstrate. I downloaded a few of their things but not everything like the lovely “Sympathy For Lady Vengeance” soundtrack.

Here is their link.

So, now on to my meme. I have not been “meme’d” often. This is the third time, actually. Well, not including the very first where I just “meme’d” myself before anyone else did to get it over with.

If you didn’t click on the meme to read what it is about, I am to try and mention one song that inspires me to write. Well, then!

Here’s my answer: I have absolutely no clue. No, really. I don’t. In fact, I can’t think of any song that inspires me to write. I love music of all kinds–I stream it on my blog as you can see and sometimes it might get a little, well, who knows? But I don’t really think that music “inspires” me to write. And one thing is for sure. I can’t listen to it when I write! It buggers my concentration. It’s an ADD thing perhaps. Although, I am sure there are others out there without ADD that need silence or no distractions to write as well.

So, if music doesn’t inspire me, what does? Well, I guess “ideas” of some sort? Personal experiences? Both those of mine and those of others? Maybe just trying to look around and see something that might generate some kind of thought and then off you go?

So, it looks like this meme kind of went bust with me. Sorry about that everyone. But hey, at least I provided everyone with some music and links where you can download it? Maybe it will inspire you all to do some writing?

And I’m not sure who to meme so if you’ve been inspired by the meme too, feel free to take it on and write about it from your own perspective!