EDIT: MP3 of the Moment has been up since the inception of this blog going all the way back to when I started it on Blogger! I’ve created a Category for it and tried to capture as many posts as I can, going that far back.  However, this blog is almost two years old (I started it in November 2006 and it’s still on Blogger with a note to come here…) If you find any others that seem relevant, let me know to re-categorize.  Thanks.

Hey Everyone!

Here’s a place where you can leave comments about the songs I stream. Whether you love them or hate them or anything in between. I figure it’s easier to set up a separate place as opposed to everyone just dropping their thoughts into random posts where I may or may not be able to keep track of them.

So feel free to speak up. Also, if you have any suggestions of what you think I might like or want to mention what you like, that’s great too. And DJ PA takes requests. If you want to hear something, just let me know. If I don’t have it and/or can’t find it, I’ll let you know and you can send me the MP3.

Sound good?



  1. So you’re looking for that song someone once sang somewhere about that thing? I’ll have to check my notes, but I think you’re looking for Laura Veirs and Icebound Stream. If I can figure out how to turn a WMA file into an MP3 file I’ll send it to you. Unless you’re asking about the Bjork?


  2. No Gabriel…, you’ve got it right on the first one. It was Laura Veirs. Yes, MP3s are better for my iPod? Or not–don’t know but I don’t bother with others except MP4s. But for streaming if I want to play it…I’m not sure how darkentries has it set up–don’t know if a wma will work or not.


  3. Probably not, WMA’s are like the training wheels of online music. They’ll get you around, but they look stupid and there’s lots better ways of doing it.


  4. Gotcha Gabriel…, probably why I never bothered with them…


  5. I can recommend the free Jodix WMA to MP3 converter.


  6. Again, darkentries…you are my Technical King!


  7. exactscience

    Fuck me. Running up that hill. Awesome


  8. Hi exactscience, welcome. I haven’t seen you here before so thanks for stopping by.

    I’m really glad you liked the song. It always makes me happy when I stream something and people hear it and it pleases them. I don’t always get a lot of feedback (hehe–bad pun) on MP3 Of The Moment/the music on my blog, so your comment is great.

    Take care,


  9. Hey.

    With regards to not disappointing me with you musical taste.
    I was raised on a heavy diet of 70’s glam rock and 80’s soft rock. I love a lot of different genres. So it is pretty difficult to pick a dud.

    Best I have heard from your MP3’s of the moments still remains Running Up That Hill. That is probably because alongside Teardrop and Ceremony I am yet to hear a version I dislike and I adore almost any version I hear of any in that trio.

    I swear my heart skipped at least 5 maybe 7 beats when Radiohead covered ceremony


  10. Hi exactscience, I run the musical gamut too. I mean, really… I still haven’t streamed some other things. Lately, it’s just been kind of…I don’t know…sometimes post-related, sometimes I’m still finding myself stuck in a “musical youth” sort of groove (80s.)

    Yes, I too was blown away by that version of Running Up That Hill. Sorry, Kate. It beats your version! I recently purchased the entire album that Poppy and Brucken recorded with that single on it but I haven’t listened to it. I’ve got too many CDs/albums (I use the terms interchangeably) to get through.

    I also have a bunch of EBM/Aggro(?)/oh-who-cares-what-you-call-it-but-the-purists-do! stuff that I should stream too. I just call it “Techno” or “Electronica” but some people give me crap for that. I guess it is more 90s rave type stuff? And PA never went to raves. Too old for that?


  11. You’re a bum
    You’re a punk
    You’re an old slut on junk
    Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
    You scumbag, you maggot
    You cheap lousy faggot
    Happy Christmas your arse
    I pray God it’s our last

    Genius. My friend Kenny and I sing along for those lines, he take the first four and I take the last four.

    I can also stand Pet Shop Boys, Always On My Mind. PSB beat The Pogues to number 1 in the UK charts xmas 87.


  12. Hey exactscience, yes…my favourite portion of the lyrics…Happy Christmas indeed!

    I am a huge PSB fan…oh yes! I just haven’t gotten around to playing anything by them yet.


  13. Oh PA, What have I done to deserve this?

    Thanks for the PSB mp3. Happy Happy days


  14. Hi exactscience, so do you mean that in a bad way? Like, “Oh, no…what have I done to deserve this…???” as the song sort of states? Or do you mean, what have you done to deserve me playing the song?

    Well, you know I am always happy to play things that make you happy. Well, and everyone else happy too!

    I was thinking, I need to play something a bit different. Maybe take things in a bit of a different direction.


  15. I meant it in a good way. Like I didn’t deserve such a good present.

    For you next MP3 it would be great if you could pick out some punk.


  16. Hi exactscience, yes, that is what I thought. I always like to give you “presents” with my music. However, as I said on the page, I do take requests.

    I don’t really have any punk in my collection. I listened to that a long time ago when I was an all-clad-in-black-goth. Even though I was drawn more to goth/electronic sort of stuff I had other folks in my (shitty) circle of friends that were more into the punk scene. So I’d listen to their stuff too.

    I could try and download some of that–what I can remember… Yes. Start with that, and if it’s all sucky for you, then you can send me a “request.” Even if I can’t find it, and you have to send me the MP3.


  17. musikaddikt

    Man I haven’t heard this song in ages!!!



  18. Hi musikaddikt, I’m not sure which one you are referring to but the older ones are “Leave in Silence” and “It’s A Living Thing.” Either way, they’re both great.

    Take care,

    And hey, I see you have a WP avatar…that means you have a blog? Awww…come on…quit keeping me in suspense…


  19. musikaddikt

    hey yeah my blog is hopefaithlove.wordpress.com



  20. Hi musikaddikt, thanks for letting me know. That’s great. I’ve got you Bookmarked now so I can come back and read some more.



  21. You’ve got all your comments back… fantastic. Now I can start making music requests and leaving links to dirty videos. Fantastic.


  22. Hi Gabriel…. Yep. They’re back! Bring on the requests and as much smut as you want!

    However, now I am seeing another layout issue and my “pencils” for my comments are still nowhere to be found.

    Le sigh.

    I think I am going to be forced to ditch this template quite simply in protest if nothing more.


  23. I’ve never been a fan of three column theme’s… the main text column is about the right size, but there’s no room for medium-sized photos. Test out other themes using a test site, and make sure you copy/paste the widget stuff just in case you lose them if the new theme is a one column thingee.

    The Pogues, “Haunted”

    Chick fight… but classy:


  24. Gabriel…!!! And I just made a comment that this isn’t a pr0n blog!!!

    OMFG. That is like “Slut Buffy/Teenage Matrix/Awful Version Asian Genre” all rolled into one!!!

    I won’t even dare to insult 007 and bring him into it!!! Good lord!


    So, yes, Gabriel…. I see you read my “Bring…on as much smut as you want!” quite seriously! OMFG again. You make me laugh, you bad boy. However I’m a bad girl so I can handle whatever you dish out!

    Don’t know about all of my readership, however…

    Yes, the three column one I was looking at was a sort of…maybe nuke the third to actually fit everything in properly? The other second column one was…eek! It already screwed up a lot stuff so more rearranging? I plopped PA into them both already just to have a look.

    Not to worry, I’m going to test properly and not lose anything. It’s all still here, no matter. I’m not going to junk anything until I know for sure.

    Another thing is all of these layouts (lest one, I think?) are fixed so you can’t do much unless again…CSS upgrade!

    “Haunted,” huh? Let me see if I can suss it out.


  25. Those are the “Danger Dolls”. I just discovered them myself.

    I’ll send some songs to you later on… I have to re-rip a bunch of stuff into MP3’s.


  26. Hi Gabriel…. Good to know…?

    Okay, no problem. Look forward to. That would be great as we had the .wma problem before.


  27. Why do you take down the mp3 of the moment links after a few days?

    Here is your punishment, since I am feeling mischievous and/o devious today:


  28. Oh, looks like I’m the typical idjit spazz me, I just saw that you had some mp3s up.

    I lost my copy of the Lanz piano song you had up, where can I get another copy?


  29. Hi asdquefty, thanks for the TouYube. I didn’t know I had that kind of effect on you! *rolls eyes*

    Sure, I’ll send you the Lanz.

    No, I never take the songs down completely; I just stream new ones and then the older drop down.

    Actually, not quite precisely true. When we were having server issues, I did take them all down once, plus everything else! I stripped the damn HTML and then couldn’t remember it! I had to go to Server Boy… *sigh*


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