This is the “Second Edition” from my wonderful visit to the Wild Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.  I am going to assume that if you are now on this Page, you have already viewed the 2008 Page.  If not, you can read the story of the Sanctuary, and my 2008 trip there.

As far as 2009, there were some things that were similar, but some that were different, too.  Also, if you see something “strange” on one of my wrists in any of the pictures? I went to the Sanctuary in 2009 while in hospital on a “Day Pass.”  While out, I still had to keep my hospital bands on. *rolls eyes*

So…let’s begin with Year 2009!

Indeed, we may have some “Turtle Love,” going on! Either that or the tiny guy needs to hitch a lift.  These two (and a few more), were in an aquatic environment, but I’ll tell you, not too romantic for humans.  We couldn’t touch these ones! Salmonella Warning!!! Yep.  Some nasties in the water.

In 2008 I did get a chance to pick up a Turtle, but there were no decent shots taken.  Thus, I made a serious goal to ensure that I got at least one for 2009! This one is ace! The Turtle was pretty ace too! Not quite as huge as some of the others, but definitely on the larger side! This one was probably just under a foot in length and maybe 10 inches in width.

I saw these two where I picked up the one I was holding.  I’m not sure if it was “Turtle Mating Season?” I never saw this in 2008.  I don’t speak “Turtle,” but if I did, I would have asked what was going on!

Hey! It’s Sydney! Or Sidney! Or who cares! Over the year, Syd./Sid. grew up a bit and became more socialized so we could go in and play around a bit.  I was so happy to do this! Also, better photo op as I had to shoot through fencing, and that is annoying!

And so…

Here is me petting Syd./Sid.  Wallabies are awesome! And soft…

They had a couple more, as well.  They were younger and “socialized,” but since they were young, they were really bouncy.  Speaking of “bouncy,” I wish I could have caught them all leaping around like crazy! I mean, you could watch a TouYube but nothing like seeing it “live!”

I can’t believe I actually caught this.  J. and I spent a fair amount of time frolicking with the Wallabies.  The white one is an Albino Wallaby.  I thought this was so great, as it looks like he’s giving the other one a hug? Maybe a little kiss, too?

Not to boast, but if you’re into photography, you take a lot of shots, and in circumstances like these…you…are…very…patient…  And LUCKY!!! You’ll get another fun one.  I was still watching these two after “the hug,” and all of the sudden, they both stopped immediately, and stared in the same direction.  For a really long time.  I was thinking, what are they watching and what are they thinking?! *laughing*

Yes, shooting through fencing, sucks.  But remember the Coatimundi? If you’ve somehow stumbled here and not read the 2008 Page–head there.

Also, I will make mention here that this Page may not be that great, compared to either 2008, or even standing on its own merit (or lack thereof.)  You must remember that I was in hospital at the time, therefore, as wonderful as this place truly is–I was not in good shape.

Here is a Peahen.  Actually, this was kind of an interesting pen.  Housed mostly birds lest one shot that I took.

Here, we have both a Peacock and a Peahen.  It was so hard to see the Peacock! I waited for so long to try and get a decent shot of him, but this was pretty much the best I could do.  The pen wasn’t that large and his tail feathers were so long! It would have been absolutely beautiful if he fanned them all out, but that would have been impossible to capture.  Oh, well.  There you go!

I can’t quite remember, but it was like this bird had some kind of psychiatric problems? I felt really bad for it.  I think it thought it was laying on and warming eggs to hatch, but there were no eggs there.  Eep! I sat with it for a while and just stroked it.  It made me feel sad.

I was still in the same pen when I took this pic.  I thought it was just sort of cute and funny–and it also was kind of out of place.  Three rabbits in with a bunch of birds? Then, I realized that…hang on a sec’.  Yes, “Bunny Love” is right! What the hell is going on here? First the Turtles, now the Bunnies? And don’t anyone even bother to make any stupid jokes about going at it like…  Not funny.

Here I am holding a Gecko.  At least I think that’s what it is.  There was a lot of stuff starting to go on at this point! It was becoming rather a “Lizard/Amphibian/Who Knows What Show.”

Here’s an Iguana.  At least I know that much! Now, if you thought that Gecko(?) was big, this guy was much bigger.  I couldn’t really hold him.  I’m not sure why.  He may have been a bit ornery but I could touch him, anyway.

So, I mentioned before that at this point, things started to go a bit nuts.  They really did.  It was some kind of free for all as they just kept bring out things for us to look at.  I don’t know if anyone could keep up.  I know I couldn’t.

During all of this was something completely different from 2008.  In fact, they had none of these to show us during 2008!

SNAKES!!! And I’ll let you know ahead of time…if you’re squeamish or scared…get ready for one shot coming up!

There really were too many to take pictures of, as they were just hauling them out.  Total “Snake-A-Thon.”

This is some sort of “Albino” Snake from somewhere in Africa, I think? I really liked it because of the odd colouring.  Wow! A white snake with yellow markings? Feast for the eyes!

Alright, here’s the scary!

Yes, I have a snake wrapped around me.  Obviously I am not afraid of them. *laughing*

They got another Primate in! An Orangutan but unfortunately she was just getting used to things, and had not been treated so well before she arrived.  ARGH!!! Stupid people who hurt animals!!! No one was allowed to enter her area, but we could feed her grapes.  That was still fun.

There is my darling! My sweet, sweet, Lionel!!! Pretty much the same gang of folks went up in 2009 as 2008, so they were witness to our torrid affair and such wanton displays of public affection (to say the least!) However, it seemed that when I saw him again, things had cooled.  Had he found someone else? Had he forgotten about me over time? Was a “long distance relationship” just too hard for him to handle?

Or perhaps it was this guy, and their new living arrangements! My dear Lionel was all hyper and jumpy as they had “monkey bars” (hahaha) and “this guy” had now grown up a bit.  In 2008 he was not allowed outside, but now he was Lionel’s “roommate.”

I was also thinking that “this guy” could be “that girl.”  I’m totally open and don’t discriminate at all.  However, I don’t think that there’d be any “mating” going on here…  Maybe “Troublemaker” up there just distracted my Sweetheart for what short time we had together?

Well, I suppose I shall find out.  I’m sure I’ll be heading back up in 2010.


  1. Chris

    Where is this sanctuary? Does it have a website? They have some nice animals.. BTW that is not a gecko, its some kind of monitor lizard.


  2. Hi Chris. Nice to meet you and welcome. Now everyone take heed: it is not a gecko up there, it is a monitor lizard.

    Actually, I could believe that, as I watched part of a documentary with them running all over Oz. WHOO!

    I hope this doesn’t disappoint you but I really can’t tell you where it is. My anonymity. It’s not far from where I live.

    Another thing is it’s not open to the public. It’s a place for kids and others on the Autistic Spectrum and with special needs. It’s a summer camp. General population not allowed. It’s not a zoo!

    I got caught up with it through an ex-friend, and this club he was in. Some woman found out about it from said club. I don’t know how, even to this day!

    We made a deal. Entrance allowed to the group by charitable donation, and sharing the knowledge to anyone we met that might benefit. For me, that’s in real life. Not online, unfortunately.

    Take care,


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