Now, before you sit back and watch my little “digital performance,” you should all know that I am not a professional photographer! Well, uh…I have been paid to shoot so I guess that does qualify me in some sense, but please do not judge me based upon what you see here!

It’s taken me a while to whittle down to these 16 selections, as well.  I took 270 pictures of the fireworks display.  Yes, that is correct.  You may be wondering just how I did that, considering the average fireworks display runs about…hmmm…20 minutes or so? Let’s just say that ‘bulb’ is my best friend.  Also, cranking up my ISO to the highest number (fastest speed) was rather helpful.  Thus, you just might think I am some kind of Photography Maven! Well, you’re still wrong.  I did have some challenges.

I had to ram my tripod into the sand as hard as possible (I was by the waterside.)  In fact, right by the waterside.  I had to enter into negotiations a few times with the ground to find a level spot.  Then, continue ramming my tripod as hard as possible into the sand, over and over.  Also, I have no remote.  Gently, PA…touch things very gently…  Finally, trying to gauge distances and angles in the dark can be rather fun–especially with very fast moving targets–that disappear equally as fast!

Alright, on with the show! Some will be a bit blurry, too.  Maybe all of them! I tried to clean them up, but I’m terrible at that! Also, I am including some that are very blurry but there is a reason.  Like this one!

This is a star! No, you are not imagining the shape.  They made a star.  And I actually managed to capture it! Well, most of it…

Also, just so you know, I’m not going to make comments throughout this entire Page.

And of course, immediately after saying I am not going to make comments throughout this entire Page, I continue making comments.  This is the first shot of three that show a particular pyrotechnic burst.  I captured a shot of just one of it alone.  They do tend to pop them off on their own or with very little else.  Maybe just smaller, lighter (almost white) ones as above and next.

Now below, here’s the one guy on his own.

Okay, I think it’s time for some colour…after these guys that look like pieces of coral.

Now this guy below.  I have to say something about him.  Totally blurry but they did a burst of rings.  Very cool.

And you know what? I have to put this one in here, as well.  It’s going to blurry as all get out, too, but do you want to see uber-cool pyrotechnics? We were all, ‘How the hell do you make THAT shape???”

YEAH, BABY!!! YEAH!!! That blew up and went shooting through the sky for a bit.

So, there you have it folks.  I hope you enjoyed.

  1. I certainly did enjoy this posting. Awesome! Thanks, PA.


  2. Hi Ethereal Highway. Thank you very much. I’m so happy you liked the pics.

    Despite all the chaos of setting up and everything, it was fun to shoot the display. Actually, it was quite a workout! When I was done, it was like, “Whew! I need to sit down!” *laughing*


  3. “Who Doesn’t Love Fireworks?”

    Little known fact, Betty White hates fireworks. Bitch isn’t so funny now, is she?

    Fantastic images, PatAnon. Some of them look like they could be maps of our pre-treatment brains


  4. Hi Gabriel. Good to see you, dearie. *laughing so hard* Oh, you kill me nin-JAH. I did not know that, and rightly so! What a wet blanket, indeed!

    Thank you soooo much for your compliment! Coming from you? You are an awesome photog!

    I never thought of that, though. “Pre-treatment Images.” Even still, how about: “Treated but Gone Off the Rails For an Indeterminate Period Images.”

    That could work too? What do you think?


  5. Very nice! Not too long ago, there was a show on National Geographic (Korea) on how they make those fireworks. It was cool to see how they designed the star ones.


  6. Hi katm. Good to see you. Thanks about the photos. That would be so cool to see how they were made.

    Ex-partner and I went to Cuba when we were together and had a tour of a cigar making “factory.” It was really interesting. The people who made the cigars were so fast! In fact, you had to be able to do the job very well. If you couldn’t, you were sort of relegated to a job that was still important in the process, but not so important.

    Funny, too, that it being a Communist country, some of their pay was in cigars? Good lord. The folks at Health Canada would probably drop dead of instant heart attacks, should that be proposed for anyone working even remotely close to tobacco companies, here! *laughing*


  7. Oooooooohh! AAAAAAhhhhhhhh!!! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!
    …ok, i’m done now, and now for my comments on the fire works ;P

    Ok, seriously, some pretty cool pics in there – especially the ‘shaped’ ones. Am a bit disappointed you didn’t oooH AaaaH ooOOHH @ least one of them though. (‘course you’re “YEAH, BABY!!! YEAH!!!” does mollify that somewhat).

    Out here we have had an annual fireworks show every summer 2x Wed + 2x Sat – three different countries, min. 1/4 million dollar budget each, min. 1/2hr show each night, over 400,000 viewers EACH night. Each show is set to music – ok, actually Co-Ordinated to music (used to be called the Symphony of Fire) – themed and styled – 1st three nights it’s actually a competition and then on the Grand Finale night, each country does a mini 15 min show one right after the other, culminating in 5 mins of jaw dropped not even remembering to breathe spectacularityness! (and yes, i am petitioning to make that an actual word :P).

    Runs late July early August every year, and is NOT something to miss. Just wish i had a camera to take shots anything near what you have here (yes, jealous).



  8. Hi Arkay. Well, I didn’t know what to say about a lot of them. I mean, I couldn’t think of so many “different” things to say about endless fireworks shots.

    We used to have “S o F” here, as well. It got canned though because it was sponsored by a tobacco company. I didn’t understand what all of that was about. Totally disappointed, too, as I never saw it before it bit the dust.

    And yes, I will fix the fontage.

    *hugs back*


  9. tankoo :->

    Ours was the Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire ad they too pulled out to pressure the fed and prov gov’ts around the banning of tobacco advertising at anything KIDS attended (!!?!!).

    (Side Note here: they just got around to banning flavoured cigarettes locally/provincially).

    Ok, back to the fireworks – it’s now the Celebration of Light – and has a few different major sponsors over the years (right now i think it’s HSBC) – but we’ve never lost even a single year of it (been close sometimes though), let alone completely like your city did.

    Starts July 21st this year and ends on the 30th. I’m hoping to go to both Saturday shows.



  10. Hi Arkay. Yes, ours was B&H, as well. Same deal. All across the country, wherever the displays were held?

    It’s so stupid. I mean, this is hardly a newsflash, but the government doesn’t know right from left. Wait a minute. DO they know right from left?

    Look at the high tax rate on tobacco products. Where exactly does THAT go? Then, the prices keep getting raised considerably all the time. Let’s think for a moment. Who is responsible for that? Is it the tobacco companies or…hmmm…who reaps the reward of those taxes again?

    And you know damn well the tobacco companies don’t give a rat’s ass about what Health Canada has to say! They just want everyone’s money! I’m also pretty sure that the taxes coming in DON’T go to any government branch remotely related to Health Canada, either! *rolls eyes*

    Greasy palms of both the government and the tobacco companies. Surprising they can even manage to shake hands, they’re so slippery. Or, am I just creating some sort of crazy “scheme” or “conspiracy theory” in my own crazy, little head? *laughing*

    But yes. They did replace it with something here, as well. Maybe even the same thing? I can’t remember. I think it actually still is the same thing. The same format with several countries in competition, the music and all. Just with different sponsorship? I don’t know.

    I’ve always wanted to go, but I don’t deal very well with crowds anymore. A few years ago, I actually got pushed so hard, I fell down and people still kept walking, so I was almost trampled all over. Not fun. All because I’m so wee. Crush the baby of the herd.

    Have fun if you do go, though. Maybe someday I’ll make it to ours.

    Hugs back.

    Oh, I forgot about the silly, flavoured cigarettes! They banned them here a fair while ago. Actually, I had never even heard about them until they banned them! I thought that was pretty funny. Seriously. I had no clue! *shakes crazy little head*


  11. I absolutely LOVE fireworks.

    One of the best things in life…next to all music by Bach, mineral water, showers, air conditioning, chocolate, dogs, scotch, sex and of course, love.



  12. Hi Maria. Yes, I do, too. I always want the displays to just keep going and going and going… Although, realistically, they must be incredibly costly to produce. That doesn’t mean I still can’t want them to keep going on for hours! Okay, maybe not hours!

    I agree with everything on your list! Except maybe dogs. I do love all animals but I’m a cat person.


  13. Me too! I always want them to last, well yes, hours! Why not? I love the colors and the thrill of not knowing what shape it will end up forming and their radiance against the black sky. My old time favorite display was at the Epcot Center in Walt Disney World. Since I lived like 10 mins away from the park for abut 5 years, I got to watch it many times. It is paired with exquisite music so, it really is something to behold. @_@

    And damn! I just *knew* you were a cat person! (I should have bet money. But if I had I would have lost anyway, since I had to pay me for losing against…me…)


  14. Hi Maria. Yes, we have something here that is similar where it is set to music. I’ve just never made it to any of the shows.

    This is the third time I’ve shot this display, at this particular location where I live. I thought I mentioned it but I’m a bit heavy-lidded with just getting up not long ago, just taken meds and no tea. If you have been reading enough lately, you should know just how much I need tea to survive. I should go to a hospital supply shop (or just steal it from a hospital) and get an IV kit.

    The forgotten item mentioned? This is the best show in the city. Quite a shame that no others exist on par.

    Anyway, these shots are the best ones to date. Practice makes perfect?

    The first time New Year’s Eve for Y2K. Did they even have Digital Cameras back then? Wait, they did as there was one where I worked. I have now clue if they were any good (the one at work broke a couple of years later!)

    I couldn’t afford one then! It was only recently I bought my Digital SLR. Despite that, I refuse to stop shooting film. I’m almost finished some “test shots” of garbage from an ancient roll of ILFORD B&W. I just want to see if the rolls are any good. ILFORD is the best (in my opinion) for B&W. It’s been stored well but…?

    Okay, whoo! Lots of photo talk here. Well, there are lots of photos in the post. I am in NO WAY a professional! No way. But 270 shots? *laughing* It’s true? Have to shoot like crazy to get a few that are alright?

    Funny how your “psychic abilities” had already pegged me for a lover of all felines. Still, if you bet against yourself, you would have broken even. No harm, no foul?


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