My blogroll! When do I EVER get around to updating it? Every year or so?

While currently writing this, I’d also like to categorize people as well.  I don’t know if this template can do it.

If I have to find a new template, my blog will probably be SHUT DOWN FOREVER!!! That’s because my brain will be too!

Do you know HOW many times I’ve tried to find a new template? Just to “spice things up?” Make me look a bit more groovy? But NEVER(!) for functional purposes! *dies*

Finally, please let me know if you have me blogrolled and you don’t see yourself here.  I’m always very flattered to find out people have blogrolled me.  If such is the case, I would love to come by and read you.  Maybe blogroll you back?

In a year or so.

  1. The blog looks great. Layout looks wonderful… Adding the new location to my blogroll (as soon as I figure out how to do that!) hope you’ll add me too! Come visit my blog… Also, the purple jacket you’re wearing, is it a RR jacket or a MEC jacket? I have one similar!


  2. Hi Rach, nice to meet you. You think the blog looks good and the layout is okay? Sometimes I think it’s a bit to cluttered but I like Garland. It’s not that I’m all over the blogosphere but I haven’t seen anyone else with this template?

    If you do like it, perhaps you could peruse WordPress’ other templates and consider migrating. It’s really simple. Literally, the click of one button and everything imports from your Blogger blog. That’s what I did and everything completely remained intact. Crap, I still have my Blogger blog up *rolls eyes*

    Yes, I will blogroll you–simply by name alone! It made me laugh. And nothing wrong with more CanCon–I need more of it?

    And you seem to be fine with blogrolling yourself? I see you have some there? If you need any help, however, I’m here.

    Yes, you are a smart girl. It’s MEC. Only the best for PA.

    Take care Rach,


  3. Whoa. I didn’t know you were still blogging.

    *hangs head in shame*


  4. Oh, katm! No, it’s alright! You probably didn’t know because I’ve been so sucky and haven’t been by your place! Or hardly anyone else’s!

    I’ve been doing Blog365 (no excuse?) and also trying to live? Survive?

    Anyway, I’m glad you stopped by…it’s really good to hear from you and that you’re still out there too. I just popped over and yes…you’re still blogging as well! That’s good.


  5. What happened to my comment?


  6. Oh, now it’s posting. I wish I had been diagnosed earlier. I wanted to be a doctor, human rights lawyer, firefighter, psychologist, or journalist. How old were you when you were diagnosed?


  7. Hi blah…oh dear…blah. Well, I know how that feels. Sorry your comment didn’t get through the first time but I’m glad that you eventually came around. I’m not sure but WP might be acting up?

    WOW. I can totally relate to you on “all of the things I wanted to be…” In fact, I did end up making a sort of…semi-serious…semi-funny post about my asinine aspirations that, of course, are par for ADD Land.

    Now. My dx’s. These are a bit complicated as they’re really all over the map and well–the Bipolar was misdiagnosed.

    So…please bear with me, this will be long?

    1998–Major Depressive Crash. I knew a friend who had MDD. He was like…you SO have Depression. I was on the verge of being non-functional so off to the psych I go! I take Zoloft.

    This is skipping ahead a bit but I am someone who is Bipolar and can’t take ADs. They will fuck me up, make me cycle and kill me.

    So…many years on ADs, I tell my stupid M.D. (aka Dr. Asshole on my blog) that I’m actually Bipolar. This was in the early maybe 2002 or so?

    Great! We start on Anticonvulsants which are perfect as far as I am concerned. Well, it takes time to find the right meds and all of that and the stupid bugger still kept me on ADs so that kept fucking things up and…

    When I started looking into the different types of ACs and also how they were used for Epilepsy…OMG. So those were what all of those thing were… It was like a laundry list. I had been having Simple Partial Seizures ever since I was a kid!

    And what was even more interesting was that when we would change an AC, my seizures might (or would) change too! This is not “news.” This is not strange.

    Okay…Let’s just say that all of that is done with. It took me a very long time to get treated for my ADD. Reason being, with comorbid Bipolar, everyone thinks you’re going to flip out and cycle when you go on stims. Not true. Some might but not all.

    It’s the same thing with me not being able to take ADs. There are some people with Bipolar that can take ADs without consequence. Ditto with people who have Bipolar and ADD. I always said just like with any other med, if you get freaky side effects, just stop the med! And ironically, stims are the only psych meds that you can take a “drug holiday” with.

    So I was always…WTF?!

    I’m not sure if that was clear of not because I had to try and shove a lot of my med hx into a tiny space!

    Feel free to email me if you want to talk more though…about all of that, or what you said about your own aspirations, meds, etc… I’m always happy to talk.



  8. Hi danwalter, I had to laugh when I first read your comment. I thought…’Wait…you already have a blogroll! I’m on it! You don’t need one!’

    No problem…I’ll blogroll you if you would like me to…I’m running low on my med bloggers anyway! *wink*

    Good grief. Maybe I should just remove all of my damn Bookmarks and blogroll everyone dammit! *sigh* Things are different now that they’ve revamped the WP dashboard, referrals, links/pingbacks etc… I wrote this post so long ago when all of that stuff wasn’t available.

    Take care,


  9. titaniumrose

    Not that it probably matters, but I thought I’d let you know I’m going to add you to my blogroll. :)


  10. Hi titaniumrose, no it matters quite a bit! As I say, I am always quite flattered when someone blogrolls me so thank you very much!

    I have you Bookmarked so I can come and take a look. Actually, I have so many people Bookmarked. I am thinking these days I should just blogroll everyone–as mentioned to danwalter above.


  11. licoriceroot

    I’m blogrolling you now. Lots of info here and fun to read.


  12. Hi licoriceroot. Nice to meet you and welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for your compliments and the blogroll. That means a lot, and I am always happy when people find my blog useful in any way.

    I have you Bookmarked and also see some other comments, here. One that you would like answered as soon as possible, as well. You even mentioned it on your own blog!

    I’m moving kind of slowly today, but let me see what I can do for you.

    Take care,


  13. Fellow Canuck and I have you blog rolled! I enjoy reading … when i have the time! lmao


  14. Hi Jodi Ginter. Nice to meet you and a fellow Canuck as well. Welcome. Not that anyone else from any other geographical location deserves less a welcome. Uh…yeah. *crosses eyes*

    Thank you so much first, for blogrolling me. I’m very flattered…ugh, here we go with “that compliment thing” again. Also, second for telling me. I show up in the weirdest places sometimes and I wonder…huh?

    Also, timely. I’m trying to update my blogroll right now. It’s a mess and a sad mess at points. I seem to have “lost” a lot of important people in my life. Some I can still contact, but others are…gone.

    Reciprocity! I’m remote now with a variable connection, but let me see if I can add you. If not, later for sure.

    Take care,


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