Archive for February 14th, 2015

Fuck my ankle.  Fuck my sanity. 

When I walked in the door, I almost fell, shaking and crying into a tiny foetal position on the floor–after one person said, “Hello.” 

Fuck my Asperger’s while I’m hand flapping, and head twisting, pulling at my clothes etc. in the meeting. 

I did say I had Asperger’s to everyone.

*pauses for cigarette to continue de-freaking while stomach feels like an Olympic Gymnast*

I was new and wanted to come back.  Also, literally had my last drink(s) yesterday so I received my “24 Hours” Chip.

If you don’t know, they give them out to Members for various lengths of sobriety.  So, hold my lucky chip in my hand and no more booze!

Uh, I think it’ll be a bit harder than that.

I have to somehow relax.  I’m still merrily going through Detox and Withdrawal at the moment as well. 

That’s the tough part.  Or is for me.  Being a Functional Alcoholic.  Well, it’s becoming a lot more tough for me now.  I’ll bet my chip on that.

Valium can be used for Detox and Withdrawal so one of those now! Then something on TV to get me settled and all of this out of my head.  For now.