Yes.  People come and go online.  I’ve seen it for all the years I’ve been Blogging and later on Twitter. 

I don’t use FB or anything else.  Maybe later I’ll sign up for other things? Maybe I have some other things that require accounts now? Maybe I just can’t remember?

But what I do remember is HIM.  I just looked at it and I’m tearing up.  Those tears are now falling and I’m crying.

I know where he geographically went–after we met. 

Just because I’m “Anonymous” doesn’t mean I meet and get to know people off-blog.  It depends.

Some people know pieces of my information, and the closer I get to others, they will have all of my information.  Full name, address, telephone number, personal email account.  Is there anything else? Well, if there is, they’ve got it!

A lot (or all) comes in handy when I get a chance to meet other Bloggers.  This would also apply to the people I’ve developed the same degree of closeness on Twitter.

Oh! Oh! Oh! If you feel comfortable enough meeting other Bloggers etc. DO IT!

I’ve met several of my Blogging Pals and it’s absolutely fantastic! I NEVER turn down the opportunity.

How many? Let me think.  Five? One lives relatively close to me so we meet up regularly.  A second one was the same but moved.  Still, he comes “home” so we try to connect then.

And don’t forget the cameras!

We talked about Blogging before my now gone friend came over.  That was since I was more “Anonymous” than I am now.  I was rather reticent. 

Yes, over time through friends making accidental mentions (truly hilarious because of being friends!) Me tossing things to the wind for readership.  Well?

The general population still wouldn’t be able to find me unless it was by accident?

But he was SO excited!!! He was from overseas and just couldn’t contain himself.  How could I say no? But One Condition.

He was a Scot.  I knew he could get me the real thing.  I NEEDED IT!!!

I’m looking at it now.  That’s what made me want to write this.  I took it off the…because I had to take IT off and put IT away…

Let’s put this in for the Anime and Manga Folks. 

If I didn’t have it, on a windy day running to school, it would raise too high, and boys noses would bleed.

In other words, my kilt.  And it actually did fly up so high on windy days, you could see my “lingerie.” Yes.  Pretty things under the kilt for wind.

Anyone’s noses bleeding yet?

He asked me what kind I wanted.  Knowing nothing of actual Scottish Kilt Pins, I just said, ” You Decide!”

I wore my kilt (and it was windy!)  He chose the most traditional.  A Thistle.  He was about 6’3 and I’m barely 5’2.  However, I had heels on. *laughing*

He bent down and put it on.  He was so gentle.  It almost seemed like some ceremony of sorts. *shakes head*

We continued to talk of all things over drinks until it was time to go.  I hopped in a taxi and he walked back to his hotel–after loads of hugs and kisses.

Where did he go? Where is he now?

CODA: I brought my Digital SLR
Camara but its battery died! I hopped off my barstool and sprinted across the street to get a Disposable.  He was agog at how fast I could run in my heels.

Men are funny sometimes.

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