I want to go to my first AA meeting tomorrow.  Thing is, I blew out my ankle at Physio the other day.  Not to move.

But I want to tell Sweetie GP I’m ACTUALLY going.  Not thinking about it.

It’s not a far away.  I can walk.  But I tested a walk today.  Not good.

Set my alarm for tomorrow? That’s when I’d go.  Sacrifice my ankle? Because, Merlin #2 the day after, then Physio the next day after that. 

Maybe I best not.  I want to go.  I really do.  But I can’t fucking walk without doing more injury.

We get on so well.  We fucking love each other.  I’m in a lot of pain.

To hell with the alarm and going.  I’ll explain when I see her.  I’ve had too many stupid injuries.

ARGH.  Trying to do so many good things for yourself can actually get really frustrating.  Speaking of which, I’m actually going to EAT now.


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