I don’t know what on earth I was dreaming about but when I woke up, I immediately had this feeling of the worst sense of betrayal! That is NOT a good way to wake up!

Then I meandered out to get the mail and I see a letter from the stoopid guvmunt regarding the drug plan I need to go on as I am unemployed, have no benefits and with the boatload of drugs I need…bankruptcy.  My application was delayed as I didn’t sign here and “dot an i” and “cross a t” so fine, stoopid guvmunt.  I will sign my life away! If I was at all interested in children, take my first born! That does sound terrible but if I did not take my meds, a child in my life would not be a good thing anyway? Kidding.

However, as I have mentioned previously, three of my meds were not covered by this glorious plan to help the poor and indigent such as myself (unless a form was filled out by a doctor “for consideration.”)  Those would be my stims for my ADD, my tummy drugs for my GERD and my triptans for my migraines.  As I’m sure you can plainly see, this presents two problems–or more? Copious stupidity, lots of pain and…well, extreme pain for my bank account as I would have to pay for them myself!

And they are not cheap, let me tell you.

I made the mistake of calling the stoopid guvmunt without any tea.  It is not a good idea for me to undertake anything too complicated (much less dealing with tedious, idiotic, bureaucratic drones) without my caffeine. I have since learned (or confirmed) that these drugs are not covered.  Great!

So, time for tea.  I wasn’t really paying much attention when I went outside before but it’s kind of cold today.  Instead of grabbing a ball cap, I reached for this one that J. gave me recently:

Whoa, PA! That's a Real Stunner!

Whoa, PA! That's a Real Stunner!

Now, please notice the lovely ear flaps and also two for the front and back.  Ah, yes.  Strings to keep the ear flaps in place, as well.  I never tie the strings and just let them flap away in the breeze.  I sometimes pull the front flap over my face so no one can see me, too.  It makes me look entirely, mentally deranged and I love it!!!

When I went out in my mentally deranged hat I noticed something else that made me kind of laugh.  It sort of cheered me up a bit.  Have a look and tell me, “What’s wrong with this picture?” This was in my back yard.

Mentally Deranged Weather?

Mentally Deranged Weather?

Can you see anything odd here? Anything…rather…out of place? It’s not quite all the seasons, perhaps, as it is overcast.  No sunny, summer sky? It snowed a bit last night so that’s there, we have the beginnings of some spring blooms and yes, an autumn leaf.

I guess that’s it then.  Maybe I’ll go out for a walk later in my mentally deranged hat and see what else that is completely insane that’s going on in the world today.


  1. Yea!!!! Pickytures! And I LOVE your mentally deranged hat! Out here on the coast we’re forced to wear helmets, usually bright blue ;)

    Yup on the screwy weather this year. We finally had our Spring/early summer (yes, it’s that warm) weather show up yesterday. The little leaves on the trees are finally starting to unfurl. (Our recent Cherry Blossom festival saw exactly one tree – partially in bloom – in the entire lower mainland that weekend, pah.)

    hope you get good news on your med funding soon. (((PA)))


  2. Hi Arkay. Yay for pics, eh? I’m glad you like my hat, too. And about the helmets? Oh, dear…with my trip to the Epilepsy Clinic, will I now be forced to wear one? That’s not funny but…well, have you seen Garden State? I’ll blame Zach Braff. However, some folks with serious head injuries? Yes, a need to wear. I don’t think I’m anywhere near that point, though!

    True, in your parts it should be all beautiful and warm now. You recall that a lot of non-bio dad’s relatives live in the province so I have been there several times–and during the season. Lovely.

    Yes, med crap. Well, I guess I can only “get” what I can “get” from the stoopid guvmunt but it’s better than nothing at all?


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