Somebody Shoot Me…

Okay, again…it’s making no sense that I’m responding to comments and not posting so here’s a post.

I’m sitting at work at my desk ready to pass out.  Exhausted–and kinda nauseous.  What’s that all about?


I’m ready to write the damn post and tell the whole thing but it’s so long.

It’s coming.

Crap, after all this you’ll probably be like…whatever.  But it was not fun for me.

  1. Take it easy PA… if this is still a reaction to what happened it was a devestating moment, but one that can be overcome.


  2. damewiggy

    chica, i hope you’re keeping in touch with the docs on this.

    and of course, imagining me bringing ya a good book (with cute lil pictures) and a hot cup of tea, cuz i love ya.

    hang in, girly.


  3. damewiggy


    vent it! you know how good that is for you.

    breathe, baby, breathe.


  4. Thanks, Gabriel…, what more can I say than hugs and kisses.

    Oh, damewiggy, ironically, the day after, I had an appointment with Merlin #1 and of course I had to cancel. I stayed home sick!

    Ah…a picture book…what kind? And tea… I want you to read it to me though. And yes, tuck me into to bed.

    When I get better, I’m fucking coming to visit you dammit. Remember, I’m tiny. I don’t take up a lot of space. I also am a good house guest and will clean up after myself. And I am fun–well, you can decide that? Let’s just say surprises come in little packages?

    Love you too.


  5. Nicole

    No, no, no, PA! We’ll all waiting with our arms open, ready to recieve you when you are ready. We’re all here for you and ready to lend a listening ear. Take your time, and if it’s too draining to worry about writing out all the details, since you are extremely tired…. wait! It will come in time:) Take care of yourself.



  6. Oh, thank you Nicole…I love you guys all so much.

    And I realized that my defibrillator comment to Symbiosis didn’t make much sense. You actually can’t use one on yourself.

    However, I have developed a new one. It’s one you can wear underneath your clothing and has an automatic sensor that can read your EKGs with absolute precision. In fact, it is so superior, it only requires one lead!

    When you reach deathly levels of myocardial infarction–it reboots you in seconds. I have the patent and am currently awaiting to market it. It has been in testing with heart patients for a while now with spectacular results–but I have kept it a secret from you all until now.

    I’m going to make a fortune.


  7. Cal

    … but what actually happened?? You never told us??


  8. Hi Cal, thanks for coming by…the sorry tale is coming… I just need to write it all out. I’m pooped and all I can muster (or could muster today?) was silliness about defibrillators.


  9. ‘nothing exciting to say except that I keep checking the blog and will be here to read when you decide to write about whatever… or not…

    i’m here. but i think you knew that.


  10. Thanks, Rach…I am glad that you are “here.” That does mean a lot.

    At this point, I am…well…trying to sleep and get up in the morning (bad…) Go to work. Getting there is alright–again, once I get up! But what would I do without my iPod? I can not handle peoples’ yakkity-yak, cell phone calls, screaming children on public transit! I mean, I’m already out of my mind!

    But work is, indeed, hell right now. You should all see my face these days.

    ICU or Morgue? It’s a toss up.

    Well, at least I’m making it to work–even if I’m not being very productive. Wow! I spent about two hours this afternoon glancing at a couple or so many Medscape newsletters that had been sent to me since the spring went I went loony and off to the funny farm. There are tons sitting in my Inbox.

    I mean, ‘geez, how long does it take to read those? They are very short, concise and not of published “journal” calibre. However, they may guide you in that direction or at least give you something to think about or get pissed off about.

    I am trying to assuage life with humour–hence dumb defibrilliator business but I got my ass kicked over that. Oh well.


    No, I will write about it all…fuck, I will! I should try to dedicate the weekend to it. I will then have some time? Enough? Enough sleep? Crap, it’s past midnight now?

    What happened to my plan of getting to bed early tonight?

    *PA stares at walls*


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