Stim! Stim! Stim!

There was some talk between myself and others hanging around Twitter the other day, about stimming on lights.  Well, to any Aspie/Autie, hell…anyone on the Spectrum, stimming on lights is not news!

PA loves to stim on lights! Lots of other shiny objects, too! PA loves to stim on a lot of other things, but for the sake of brevity, let’s just leave it at lights for now?

PA is also a very bad girl when it comes to toys! Very bad! There are times when you can take her into Toy Stores, and she might actually need to be restrained!!!

I have been wanting to toss up this Post on my blog for a little while now and tonight, I barely managed to get the shots done! My battery was dying and I didn’t even have enough time to futz around with a tripod or…  I did them by hand and surprisingly, they turned out alright? I think? Hey, maybe even better without a ‘pod as you get more of a “stimmy effect!” *grins*

So, okay everybody! Let’s Stim! Stim! Stim!

Who Likes Blue?!?!

Who Likes Blue?!?!

This is my “Fibre Optic Fountain!” It’s sitting atop a bunch of other stacked, electronic stuff so it’s sort of like a “Geek Monument.”

Of course, it’s a total “Spazzy Asperger’s Monument,” too. *laughing*

Okay, hang on for these babies.  I’m lucky I didn’t give myself a Photic Seizure shooting the pics here.


But wait! There’s more!

Are you transfixed yet…?

*PA at peace*

I’m sorry, but I just have to say that I love the above picture…

And finally…this one may be a bit blurry, but we on the Spectrum don’t care how blurry our eyes get–not when it comes to shiny and pretty things!

Now, you all may be wondering what is this thing? What could it possibly be that generates all of this beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, outstanding, brilliant, shiny goodness?!

Well, it is this:

  1. .





    I usually stim with youtube, lotsa videos of the blinky lights on firetrucks and ambulances


  2. Hi Asdquefty. For a minute there, I thought gmail was as broken tonight as Twitter! It was just they way you typed it all though! Too much.

    Thanks for your input. It’s amazing all the different ways we can stim and on so many things. Not just lights and shiny stuff!

    Like I had mentioned before, the TV Guide Channel and how it would keep rolling over and over with the new shows/times/channels! I made myself crack up with that one as it took me ages to even clue in I was stimming on it! I was so stimmy, I didn’t even know I was so stimmy! *laughing*


  3. Fabulous Frenzy

    Totally rad! The visuals make me what to smoke a joint ;)


  4. Hi Asdquefty. That is hilarious! It’s like a rectangular version of “The Almighty!” Well, with a couple of colours missing?

    Hi Fabulous Frenzy. *laughing* Thanks for coming by and letting me know your thoughts, as well. I definitely wanted Spectrum and non-Spectrum folks to weigh in here.

    I was also kind of worried this Post might blind some readers but no, once I uploaded everything, it seemed to look okay. Unless, perhaps, people may have had their monitors or screens cranked way up? Oops!


  5. Wow learn something new every day! Never heard of stim before, then I realised you meant stimulation? At least I think I am right lol.


  6. Hi Claire. Thanks for coming by to comment. Yes, for those on the Spectrum (Asperger’s, Autism etc…) “stimming” means self-soothing behaviour, basically. And yes, derived from “Stimulation.”

    We can stim in so many ways! A visual one like that would be a way to calm down. There are a lot of physical ones too: rocking, moving arms…sometimes your whole body with an external element, like swinging back and forth or spinning around?

    Repetition plays a big part in stimming. We’re not “babies,” but think about rocking a baby back and forth? Calms them down at times?


  7. So that must mean that a sensory room would be your idea of heaven?

    I have seen some fantastic ones, even I would love to spend some time in one.

    Really appreciate you elaborating on the world of stim :)


  8. Hi Claire. Oh, yes! Absolutely! However, there’s a funny paradox with people on the Spectrum as well. We have other sensory issues that drive us nuts!

    For example: tags on clothing or tight fitting clothing (feeling restrained or strangled.) Although I like to feel restrained or bound in some ways! *laughing*

    Other “senses?” Yes, we can have issues with, eyes, ears etc… However, that paradox can still remain. I’m like that with certain things. Another example: a lot of folks can not stand wearing socks! I NEED to wear socks! My feet are very sensitive, and it drives me positively freaky to be in bare feet!

    Although I LOVE to have my feet tickled! Yes, I’m nuts.

    That you would love sensory stimulation as well? I don’t doubt that! We do not have exclusive rights to it! Hey, you and I could do it together! We could have a mutual “Stim-Fest!”

    Not to worry about any “elaboration,” or anything! I love comments on my blog! I always get back to every commenter, anyway! I always have since this blog’s inception and that will never change! *grins*



    You have my ball!!!! You have my lights ball!!!!

    Yes, I have a similar marvel. I bought in Disney World (supposedly for my nephew…*coughs*…) but kept it for me…

    Oh well, Daniel never found out so what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

    I think.



  10. Hi Maria. That is hilarious. Yes, keep it a secret?

    I picked up both of those at a store in my neighbourhood but it’s a chain. They were really cheap, too.

    Oh, but keep me away from that store! I think 90% of the time I walk out with a purchase in hand! I usually try and limit it to something small. Especially now that I have no money. Actually, I’ve been pretty good lately. I haven’t even set foot in it every time I walk past it!

    Another good stimmy toy? A Tangle® I don’t know if you read that post, either. I bought my two, there. The store also has geeky, science-y stuff for kids. All of the stuff I wanted for Christmas when I was wee but never got!!! Grrrr…

    I sent you the link via Twitter but if anyone else wants to read about the wonderful Tangles, here you are:


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