I really feel like I should just be quiet now.  I do.  Yet, here I am! Writing away on my blog, again! I should work on my “other” writing. *shakes head*

JDP (Job Disability Place) was good today.  Oh, dumb PA! You knew it would be! Granted I needed a Valium, as I thought I was going to be late because of stupid transit! Nothing like being a totally “disabled” mentalcase, going to a place dealing with people that are just that–and you have severe issues with being late! *rolls eyes*

But I knew it would be good.  I’ve just been such a tightly, bound…ugh! Crazy, wee, ball of stress, lately.  I won’t even tell you the thoughts running through my mind last night! And no they weren’t about killing myself.  But totally absurd.  Or maybe not with my unbelievable head!

Undoubtedly, complete depression talking but…well, alright! Let’s just say in a very simple manner, I wanted to throw my life in the trash! Even literally! I mean, just get rid of everything! Every single thing in my flat! Everything I own! Throw it in the garbage! WHO CARES!!!

Then I thought, well…could I maybe keep baby MacBook? My books? I love my books.  And my DVDs? At least some of my DVDs? I want all my anime ones! *pouts*

I elevate ridiculous to “High Art.”  Even still, I am quickly approaching poverty, so I’m not quite sure that these thoughts were that irrational.

Anyway, it was great to meet the one woman where we’d spent a significant amount of time on the phone orchestrating so much.  A couple of things, too.  One interesting and one funny.  The interesting was that I noticed she has quite a tremor in her hands.  How lovely for JDP to employ people with “disabilities.”  That shouldn’t surprise me so much, I guess.  The funny? *laughing*

There was a problem with the projector for the presentation.  Of course someone in the room had vision problems and couldn’t see the slides.  Maybe that’s not so funny.  Well, I’m evil and twisted so I find it funny.  Oh, come on! We were all messed up in some way or another!

The woman said that had been an ongoing problem with a filter being over the lens, and they hadn’t been able to fix it.  She asked if anyone in the room thought that they might be able to try.  Can you see it coming?

I offered, but with the caveat that I’m not an uber-techie.  Hell, I couldn’t even see the lens as I was sitting behind it.  I didn’t know if it was threaded and attached like a camera (therefore stuck with super glue?) Someone had “painted” the lens with pink “super glue” or a marker, crayon…  Was it a malfunction with the settings? Huh? Who the hell would want a pink filter on a projector???

I picked it up to look at it, set it back down and voila! Pink turned to white! One woman in the room yelled out: “YOU’RE HIRED!”

So, I have just emailed some files to “my guy” that I worked with before.  Some other things mentioned to him and hey, let me know when we can get together! *sighs*

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy (Sound of vivacious clapping…)

    Glad to hear it was good and happy to hear you seem…chirpy..? Makes my face smile. :)

    And no, don’t STFU…I may not always comment (been busy as hell with the move to the UK) but, I still read.



  2. Hi Maria. Thanks. I hate cliches so I won’t use any here that may fit?

    Good to see you, though, and don’t worry about commenting on everything! I know you are busy getting ready to see your girl. All the excitement to see your love!

    I just think I’m being far to “prolific” again. I was spacing my posts a bit apart before. Giving a few days in between. I think getting sick and being all restless and messed up got me on the “Blogging Prolific Bandwagon” again.

    Ah, well.

    When are you leaving? You don’t have to say here as it’s private, I know. However, I will be very happy to hear about your new life that you’ll be starting there. So good for you!



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