I want to write more. Tell you what is happening but not so well. And again, so sorry for not getting back to all who have contacted me in all form.

I’m not looking. I’m not even aware but I am seeing things, feeling things. In situations where such beauty is almost sucking me in.

At times, almost unbearable until I can take the time to process. Or if it’s a lot, totally overwhelming.

Like now. Tonight. Too much beauty for my crazy head to handle. But the world keeps throwing it at me.

Going insane with beauty,

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  1. I too get really frustrated with the desire to write more, write more, write more, and not have the time or the discipline to do it! but somehow it does happen.

    I love your posts, by the way!


  2. Hi Barbara altman. Thank you for loving my posts. There are lots that I don’t love so much!

    You know, I’ve met at least two writers at the cafe/pub I go to. I’ve always had a phrase: “You can’t summon the Muse.”

    This guy shook his head and retorted to me: “But sometimes the Muse can summon you.”

    I thought about that for a while and found that he was right–on occasion.

    But later I got pissed off as I read him the first paragraph of MY FIRST ROUGH DRAFT and he said it wasn’t good. FUCK YOU MR. HIGH AND MIGHTY! LET ME READ WHAT YOU’RE WRITING!

    Wow. I’m using a lot of upper caps today. I know I’m terribly exhausted but I think there must be something I’m not to pleased about going on. *nods*


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