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Edit: even if it’s fixed…who cares.  This is the post “pre-fixed,” slightly edited.

Probably just as well it’s broken as I was going to try and write a post. Let’s see if this gets published…test, test… I can’t respond to comments so for those two of you (so far) that wrote something…it’s coming! Not ignoring you!

Edit: comments done.

So, let’s keep it brief. I am beyond exhausted and about to burst (a couple of people practically force fed me massive amounts of sushi tonight.) And yes, PA can surprisingly, despite her sometimes klutziness, still utilize chopsticks.

Let’s hit the “Publish” button and see how ridiculous WP is actually being this evening, shall we?

And if this makes it…I’m doing a bit better…thanks. When I’m a little less dopey and have more energy, I will work on a new MP3 and such and yes…perhaps some kind of a more intelligent post–or not.


I think I need to ramp up the Concerta. Or give it more time. Or try Adderall.

I know, I know…don’t tell me about how meds work and how you need to ride the med-go-round… Give it a fair shake and it may not work and blah, blah, blah… I’m cranky and impatient and now that I’ve got a stim after all of these years, I want it to work and I want it to work now! My brain is sucking like you wouldn’t believe and I am not happy.

Okay, who is volunteering to throw me a pity party? Just kidding. They’re not really my thing. I just suffer in silence. Kidding again. As you all really know, I simply vent on my blog! But sympathy/empathy is always welcome.  Come on…I’m not a cold, unwelcoming, unfeeling bitch! PA needs love too.


I am still hating my unfocused brain. Wow. No, really…I seriously suck in the grey/white matter department right now.